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Math Honors

Being a Part of the Math Honors Program

Membership in the Math Honors Program places students in an interactive and supportive community of both professors and student mathematicians. In addition to this, students in the Math Honors program have the opportunity to graduate with honors in mathematics.

Joining the Math Honors Program

To become a member of the math honors program a student must meet with the Math Honors director and then complete the online Math Honors application.

Remaining in Good Standing

To remain a member in good standing a student must meet the following requirements:

Students will submit quarterly-activity reports documenting their math honors program work. Activities will be submitted to this online form.

Staying in good standing will make you eligible for an annual $1000 tuition waiver. 

Graduating with a Math Honors Certificate

To graduate with the Math Honors Certificate a Math Honors student must stay in good standing, complete a minimum of six math honors seminars (either math 207 or math 407), and complete a senior capstone project.

You have worked hard as a math honors student during your time at Central.  This work will be rewarded with a designation of mathematical honors on your Central transcript. 

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