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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Folder Check Request

Final Folder Evaluation - this is your application for graduation

All graduate students must complete the online "folder check" request for a final review of their file no later than the first week of their anticipated final quarter or as soon as they have registered. At this evaluation, candidacy requirements, grade point average, course of study completion, and examination scheduling will be processed. Advancement to candidacy and final examination scheduling will not be permitted except during the final quarter. Students will receive a packet in the mail with the results of the folder check. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE WHILE HEARING BACK FROM US! WE ARE EXPERIENCING A VERY HIGH VOLUME OF REQUESTS - BUT WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU AS SOON AS WE CAN.

Please complete the required Exit Survey after completing your folder check.

Please enter the following information to request a folder check. Do not use dashes or spaces for your phone number. (Example:5099631234)

Enter first and last name here.
Enter your CWU ID number.
Enter your email address.
Enter the quarter and year you plan to graduate. i.e. Spring 2015
All of these components are necessary for a folder check.
Enter today's date.
Any additional notes or concerns can go here.