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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Faculty Research Support Award

Application Preparation

Download the instructions and prepare your application prior to submitting the online application. Due dates are November 25 and March 9. If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the application will be due the next business day.


The Faculty Development and Research Committee (FDRC) has established a limited number of Faculty Research Support Awards for faculty members of Central Washington University (CWU).  These awards provide up to $3,000 to help support quality research and creative activities of importance to their respective disciplines as well as to the reputation of CWU in general.


Any CWU faculty member who is employed on a full-time, continuing academic year appointment at the rank of assistant professor or higher may apply for financial assistance. The faculty member may be (a) on professional leave during the grant award period; or (b) on leave of absence with the time counting toward seniority. The maximum level of support for any project is $3000. Faculty can apply as often as they wish, however, priority will be given to those who have not been awarded within the last 2 years. It is expected that the faculty member shall remain at CWU for one academic year following completion of the Faculty Research or Creative Activities project.

    Areas of support:

  • Basic and applied projects in all disciplines, including scholarly and artistic projects
  • Assistance in collecting and analyzing data
  • Assistance in preparing manuscripts and artistic projects, excluding publication subsidy
  • Travel justified by the nature of the project. (The award will pay for ground or air travel or lodging expenses. CWU policies and procedures related to travel will apply. Faculty are responsible for following CWU travel guidelines. Retroactive travel expenses will not be funded.)
  • Services, supplies, materials, and equipment to start a project or supplement other research support to complete a project
  • Student and other research assistance
    Areas not supported:
  • Institutional research (e.g., internal or departmental studies)
  • Travel to professional meetings
  • Per Diem / Meals during travel status
  • Projects related to satisfaction of degree requirements
  • Course development
  • Page charges or other costs related to publication
  • Faculty salaries, fees or other types of monetary compensation are not allowed

All items (equipment, books, and supplies) purchased by the Faculty Research Support Award funds become the property of the University. All equipment purchased must be placed on inventory and receive a CWU account number according to regular University procedures before it can be used on a project. The disposition of equipment, after the completion of the project, is negotiated by the project director, the department chair and the school or college dean.

Review and evaluation of applications
The application must be approved and signed by the department chair and the appropriate college dean before submission to the FDRC. All comments by the chair and dean and discussions of the applications are considered confidential. The text and approved budget of funded proposals are available to the public.

Additionally, special consideration and priority will be made for submissions by applicants who have not received FDRC funding in the past two years.

Attachments are not allowable and will result in disqualification. Recommendations on proposals are made by a vote of the Council.
The Council may take the following actions:
• Not to fund
• Request for further information or clarification
• Partially fund
• Fund contingent on availability of moneys
• Fund in full

All comments by the chair and dean and discussions of the applications are considered confidential. The text and approved budget of funded proposals are available to the public.

Deadlines for submitting applications to the FDRC for review and recommendation will be November 23  and March 7 each year.  In the event one of these dates falls on a weekend or holiday, the due date will be the next business day. Applications must be submitted via the web form to the School of Graduate Studies and Research before 12:00 midnight on the deadline date.  Those received after the deadline will not be considered until the next scheduled review session.  Applications must be complete at time of submission, including signed approvals by the department chair and college dean. The Council will review the proposals and notification to applicants will generally occur within one month following each announced deadline date.

The project director must submit to the Council:
• Any required progress reports;
• A final report which summarizes the project and lists of any publications, exhibitions, and external grants which resulted from the award;
• A final project budget statement.

The final report is due three months after completion of the project or the end of the current biennium, whichever occurs first. Failure to submit a final report will be grounds for denying future support. The report may be taken into consideration when decisions are made on future funding.

If, for any reason, a fellowship recipient is unable to complete the project within the proposed time frame, they must contact The Dean of School of Graduate Studies and Research immediately. If an extension is needed in order to complete the research or creative activity outlined in the original application, rationale for the extension must be provided in writing. The request will be reviewed by the FDRC and the faculty member(s) and the Department Chair(s) will be notified of the decision.

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