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School of Graduate Studies and Research

About Graduate Council

The Mission of Graduate Council: 

The mission of the Graduate Council at Central Washington University is to ensure that programs provide a high quality graduate school experience for students, to foster exceptional faculty scholarship and teaching, and to promote contributions to society through effective post-baccalaureate programs.

Information about Graduate Council:

The Graduate Council at Central Washington University is the faculty council that is responsible for setting policy in terms of the academic standards of graduate programs, the curriculum offered by the graduate programs, procedures governing who may be part of the graduate faculty, minimum admission standards for students to the graduate school, and other issues that relate to faculty governance of the graduate programs.  The council may serve in advisory capacity at the request of graduate students, graduate faculty, university administration, or others requiring advice on issues that involve the graduate school and/or graduate programs.  The Graduate Council seeks to support the School of Graduate Studies and Research at Central Washington University in both mission and vision.

The Graduate Council is comprised of the graduate coordinators of graduate programs that have been properly vetted and approved by the Graduate Council, the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, and the Faculty Senate.  The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, the Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Research, sit in an ex officio capacity on the council.  Other non-voting members may sit on the council if the council deems it appropriate (e.g. graduate students and the Provost).  The chair of the council and the chair of the standing committees (Academic Standards Committee, Curriculum Committee, and the Procedures Committee) are elected to two year terms by members of the council.  Chair of the Graduate Council serves as the chair of the council’s executive committee with the chairs of the other standing committees making up the rest of the executive council.  The Chair of the Academic Standards Committee serves as the vice chair of the council.

Meetings for the 2016-2017 academic year have not yet been set.

Committee Members - this list will be updated for the 2016-17 year after the first meeting of the Graduate Council in October.

Executive: This committee represents the leadership of Graduate Council and serves as the representative advisory body to the graduate dean. This committee meets regularly with the Dean to receive updates about internal and external activities that impact graduate education at CWU. The committee also works with the Dean to strategize/set priorities for graduate studies at CWU.

PositionFaculty MemberDepartmentEmailPhoneTerm
ChairDr. Yingbin    2817Fa 2016 - Sp 2018
Vice ChairDr. Stephen  RobisonArtrobisons@cwu.edu2387

Fa 2015 -  Sp 2017

MemberDr. Henry WilliamsPESHMSwilliamh@cwu.edu1415Fa 2015 - Sp 2017
SecretaryDawn AndersonGraduate Studiesandersondl@cwu.edu3108 


Non-Voting Ex Officio Executive Members:

Dean of Graduate Studies & ResearchDr. Kevin Archerarcherke@cwu.edu3101
Associate Dean of Graduate Studies & ResearchDr. Natalie Luptonluptonn@cwu.edu3104


Procedures: This committee reviews applications for membership on the graduate faculty. This committee also sets the standards for membership on graduate faculty (e.g. terminal degree status, research activity, etc.). It considers the applications of outside (i.e. outside of CWU) thesis committee members for temporary 'courtesy' graduate faculty membership. The Chair of this committee also serves on the Executive Committee of Graduate Council.

Faculty MemberDepartmentEmailPhone
Dr. Henry Williams - ChairAdvanced Programswilliamh@cwu.edu1415
Dr. Marvin BouillonAccountingbouillon@cwu.edu3560
Dr. Leo D'Acquisto

Nutrition & Exercise Sciences

Dr. Anthony Gabriel

Geography - REM

Dr. Sadie LovettPsychology

Dr. Laura Portolese


Dr. Lori Sheeran


Dr. Jason Irwin




Curriculum: This committee reviews changes to existing courses/programs and reviews new courses and programs. It also reviews programs every 5 years to ensure that those programs meet discipline-specific graduate standards as well as standards set by the graduate faculty. The Chair of this committee also serves on the Executive Committee of Graduate Council.

Faculty MemberDepartmentEmailPhone
OPEN - Chair   
Dr. Heath MarrsPsychologymarrsh@cwu.edu2349
Dr. Chris MattinsonGeologymattinson@geology.cwu.edu1628
Dr. Darren OlsonEngineering Technologyolsond@cwu.edu1913
Dr. Jeff SnedekerMusicsnedeker@cwu.edu1226
Dr. Sharryn WalkerLanguage, Literacy, & Special Educationswalker@cwu.edu2133
Open Position   


Academic Standards: This committee reviews existing and/or develops academic policies and procedures for graduate studies. Examples of policies include: minimum admissions standards, requirements for international students, conditional admits (stated conditions, number of admits/year in program/graduate studies overall), probation, dismissal, and capstone requirements. The Chair of this committee also serves on the Executive Committee of Graduate Council.

Faculty MemberDepartmentEmailPhone
Dr. Steve Robison - ChairArtrobisons@cwu.edu1617
Dr. Laila AbdallaEnglishabdallal@cwu.edu3533
Dr. Razvan AndonieComputer Scienceandonie@cwu.edu1430
Dr. Kelly BensonEd Foundations & Curriculumbensonke@cwu.edu1198
Dr. Jason DormadyHistorydormadyj@cwu.edu1244
Dr. Duane DowdFamily & Consumer Sciencesdowdd@cwu.edu2791
Dr. Kara GabrielPsychologygabrielk@cwu.edu2387
Dr. Patrick LubinskiAnthropology-REMlubinski@cwu.edu3601
Dr. Cody StoddardLaw & Justicestoddardc@cwu.edu3252

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