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Peer-Assisted Labs (PALs)

What is a Peer-Assisted Lab (PAL)?

Peer-Assisted Labs are a place for students to stop by and study, get help with homework, connect with and form study groups, and get FREE tutoring from trained peer-leaders who are majors with very high GPAs in the field of study. PALs are available to any student currently enrolled at CWU. We offer help with the following coursework:

WINTER 2015:

CoursePeer LeaderLocationDay/Time
ACCT 251, 252Joel LambertBlack 142M, W, Th 4-5pm
CHEM 101, 111Birkin OwartScience 101W, Th 4-5pm
CHEM 181, 182Ben Frantz KasparScience 203M, W, Th 5-6pm
CHEM 361, 362Heather MahurinScience 203M, T, W 6-7pm
CS 101Lucas GiermannShaw 212W, Th 5-6pm
CS 101Elizabeth ShoreHebeler 204W 6-7pm
Th 4-5pm
ECON 201, 202Casey HeimBrooks Library
Presentation Room
M 5:15-6:15pm
W 3:20 - 4:20pm
MATH 130Dennis CapovillaBouillon 110M, T, W, Th 5:30-6:30pm
MATH 153, 154Samantha SalinasBouillon 111

M, W, Th 5-6pm
T 7-8pm

MATH 172, 173Brendan CarpenterBouillon 109M, T, Th 5-6pm
MUS 145, 245Krista ConnellyMusic 217T, Th 5-7pm
Physics and Engineering

Todd Cozzocrea
Clarissa Gerke

Brooks Library
Presentation Room
T 1-3 & 5-6pm
Th 5-7pm