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Learning Commons

Math Center Faculty and Staff

Anna Jacobs

Math Center Coordinator, Learning Commons

I hail from the land of flannel and potatoes: Idaho!  After spending my youth in Sandpoint (frequently named most beautiful small town in America), I moved on to study at Gonzaga University (Go Zags!), where I double-majored in Mathematics and Political Science.  I wanted to spread math joy to today’s youth, so I headed to Kansas City, Missouri, where I taught middle-school and high-school math.  After two years of exploring the Midwest and KC barbecue (seriously, it’s so good), I headed to Chicago, where I earned my M.S. in Mathematics and Statistics at Loyola University Chicago.  I realized that the mountains and lakes of the Pacific Northwest were calling my name and began moving in that direction, finally landing here at CWU.  I am thrilled to continue my work in improving math education for all students, and I hope to spread the good news about the beauty of math throughout Ellensburg and beyond.  In the few hours each day when I’m not actively thinking about or discussing math, I can be found dreaming about and planning for my next great adventure.



Math Tutors:

Adam Brand

I was born in 1981 in Auburn, WA, but I grew up in Kent.  I graduated from Kent-Meridian High School in 1999 and immediately went off to college.  I eventually graduated from WSU with a BA in Business Administration in 2004.  I held various jobs after earning my BA, mostly in sales, that were uninteresting and unfulfilling.  Therefore, I decided that I needed a career change.  Since my original BA wasn’t getting me any different opportunities, I decided to go back to school.  So, here I am at Central, majoring in Mathematics and Actuarial Science, looking forward to starting my career as an actuary (or possibly statistician….or maybe a professor).  I’ve always been good with math and numbers, and the more I learn, the more I feel like I’m finally doing what I want to.  I originally began tutoring at Pierce College in Puyallup, WA, in 2011 as a good way to make extra money while working around my school schedule.  This is still true (tutoring is the best job while in school!), and I have learned that I get more from tutoring than just my hourly wage.  Tutoring helps me review material I haven’t gone over in a long time and keeps me fresh on material I’ve just learned.  I have found that tutoring has probably done as much for my achievement in Mathematics as any one single class.  That said, I would recommend everyone try tutoring someone else in subjects they excel in.  There’s no better way to increase your understanding of something than trying to teach someone else.

Nathaniel Deardorff

For most college educated people, their freshman year is the year in which the greatest amount of personal growth and change occurs. I am no different. I believed I was born to be a police officer. Thankfully, instead of starting my journey to be a police officer, I discovered my true passion, Math. In the winter quarter of 2012, I became a math tutor. Everyone always mentions how much the tutors help the students, but nobody mentions how much the students help the tutors. Just because of working in the Math Center, I have almost every formula and concept memorized from math 100A to Calculus 2. This has greatly helped me in my other classes, all of which use the concepts from the aforementioned classes. But the best part of tutoring is the great feeling I get whenever I am able to help someone understand a concept that they had been struggling with. Since I loved being a math tutor, I became a writing tutor over the summer of 2012. That opened my eyes to a whole new world of tutoring. Although I love tutoring both math and writing, I primarily tutor math. I feel as though I can better help students and help more students tutoring math than I could tutoring Writing. This is partially because I can help numerous students each hour as a math tutor, but mostly because I have a lot more content knowledge in math. I hope that you come by the ARC, if nothing else but to just say hello.
P.s. If you are in the Math Center and have a question, let us know. We cannot help you if we do not know you need help.

Mark McKnight

Physics, All sciences, and Mathematics
My name is Mark. I am from the very small town called Winlock, which is half way between Centralia/Chehalis and Longview/Kelso. I love math and science. I have always found them to be very interesting subjects. I am a Math tutor for selfish reasons. By tutoring, I am constantly refreshing my mathematical skills which I use constantly in my Physics classes as I am a Physics major. I enjoy solving Rubik’s cubes and Rubik’s dodecahedrons (12 sided “cube”). I am a nerd at heart and look forward to the interesting questions you will ask.