CWUNewsNews Hiring Student Employees, 03 May 2016 13:28:22<p><img alt="" src="/leadership-engage/sites/" style="width: 500px; height: 333px;"></p><h2 style="text-align: center;">Now Hiring Student Program Leaders for Fall 2016!</h2><hr><p><strong>May 4, 2016, Ellensburg, Wash.,</strong> –– The Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE) is looking for dedicated student employees to begin fall quarter 2016. The CLCE is looking for students who are;</p><p>• Committed to promoting positive social change<br>• Supportive in leadership positions, developing leadership skills<br>• Devoted to volunteering, and volunteer programs<br>• Punctual, working well with deadlines</p><p><br>The CLCE is hiring students for two different positions;</p><p><strong>Leadership Programmer (four positions available):</strong><br>• Facilitate programs, and workshops, to help improve leadership skills<br>• Deliver presentations to classes and other student organizations<br>• Work within a budget for project planning</p><p>Job description and more information is available <a href=";Action=U&amp;FOCUS=Applicant&amp;SiteId=1&amp;JobOpeningId=496&amp;PostingSeq=1">here</a>.</p><p><br><strong>Community Programmer (two positions available):</strong><br>• Facilitate programs that benefit both the local and global community<br>• Inspire volunteers to take action for causes through campus and community programs<br>• Work within a budget for project planning</p><p>Job description and more information is available <a href=";Action=U&amp;FOCUS=Applicant&amp;SiteId=1&amp;JobOpeningId=497&amp;PostingSeq=1">here</a>.</p><p><br>Employees must utilize time-management, teamwork and communication skills. Ideally, employees would be knowledgeable with public relations skills, as well as enjoy the benefits of non-profit work.</p><p><br>The CLCE focuses on community oriented programs, working to develop and strengthen individual’s leadership skills. Focusing on servant leadership, employees can expect to display compassion and selflessness in all of their work.<br>Positions and information on how to apply can be found online at the <a href=";siteid=1">Office of Student Employment - Job Board</a>.</p><p><br>For more information regarding job opportunities at the CLCE visit SURC 256, call 509-963-1850 or email</p></h2 style="text-align: center;"></hr></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br></br>We Appreciate Your Support, 21 Apr 2016 15:30:29<p><img alt="" src="/leadership-engage/sites/" style="width: 225px; height: 167px;"><img alt="" src="/leadership-engage/sites/" style="width: 225px; height: 167px;"></p><p><img alt="" src="/leadership-engage/sites/" style="width: 450px; height: 300px;"></p><hr><p>The 43rd Annual Yakima River Cleanup was an overwhelming success. Thanks to the help of nearly 300 students, faculty and community members, this event was the largest yet!</p><p>The River Cleanup took place at six locations around Ellensburg and the Yakima Canyon. Volunteers ranged from students, to community members and alumni; everyone joining together for the better of our community.</p><p>The six locations included Roza Recreational Site, Big Pines Campground, Mattoon Lake, Fiorito Ponds, Helen McCabe Park, as well as 7th and Walnut downtown. The nearly 300 volunteers’ collected 4.1 tons of trash, vegetation and other organics; working over 900 hours throughout the course of the day.</p><p>Alongside collecting waste, volunteers removed fencing that threatened wildlife, repainted and hung preventative signs, cleaned campsites, removed graffiti as well as laid 500 feet of gravel pathways.</p><p>In comparison to the 2015 cleanup totaling 620 volunteer hours, 2016 saw a 45 percent increase in hours worked; resulting from the nearly 100 additional volunteers.</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.4;">As we wrap up the </span>43rd<span style="line-height: 1.4;"> Annual Cleanup, we would like to appreciate our volunteers and sponsors for their support.&nbsp; Without your support, we could not attain our goals within the community of Ellensburg.</span></p><p>Thank you,<br>Center for Leadership and Community Engagement.<br>&nbsp;</p><hr><p>&nbsp;</p></hr></span style="line-height: 1.4;"></span style="line-height: 1.4;"></br></br></hr>Chavez-King Leadership Institute for Social Change, 19 Apr 2016 12:39:58<p><img alt="" src="/leadership-engage/sites/" style="width: 500px; height: 347px;"></p><hr><p><strong>APPLICATIONS NOW AVAILABLE!</strong></p><hr><p>The Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE) is happy to announce fellowship applications for 2016-2017 are now available for the Chavez-King Leadership Institute for Social Change, an Institute committed to professional development and engaging students in meaningful community service opportunities, both locally and globally, in order to foster a generation of leaders. In its second year, the Institute is looking for a group of individuals who have a commitment to civic responsibility and are interested in cultivating their leadership and mentoring skills, team building abilities, and advocating for social change.</p><p>Students will develop and implement leadership and community service projects while being mentors to middle and high school students. If you share a passion for the core values of non-violence, service to others, courage, integrity, and innovation that Cesar E. Chavez and Martin Luther King Jr. promoted, then The Chavez-King Leadership Institute for Social Change is for you! A $1000 need-based tuition waiver will be awarded to students accepted into the Institute.</p><p>To apply to the Chavez-King Leadership Institute for Social Change, come to the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement in SURC 256 to pick up an application. Applications are due Friday, May 20th, 2016. There will be an application review process by a committee, and recipients will be notified in June for the 2016-2017 Institute cohort.</p><p>For more information, call (509) 963-1850, email (subject: “ATTN: Chavez-King Fellowship”), or visit the CLCE office in SURC 256, where you can also learn about other community service and leadership development opportunities.</p></hr></hr>