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Center for Leadership and Community Engagement

All Programs

All Programs

Throughout the course of the year we host various events, ranging from leadership training to donation drives! No matter your skill level or current leadership capacity, we have an event tailored to your needs!

Find information about all of our events below: 


Ongoing programs give long-term focus to a specific issue or cause related to the center, its mission and goals. Participants can expect to develop and expand connections while employing goal-based thinking skills to a specified task or event. 


Cross-Cultural Leadership Project (CCLP): CCLP brings approximately 15 students together as an annual cohort to explore the relationship between leadership and culture. Participants enjoy a hands-on training approach during a fall retreat and monthly seminars. The year concludes with a capstone experience in the spring. (Ongoing)

GameOn!: GAME ON! creates a unique learning opportunity for central Washington middle- and high-school students, educating them about core values as well as leadership, social, digital literacy and college ready skills. The program is supported by the Real Madrid Foundation, Microsoft Corp., and Central Washington University.The youth program combines computer training with soccer training to foster education through sport as a tool to learn core values. It is Real Madrid’s first soccer program on the West Coast and the only one affiliated with a university. (Ongoing)

Leadership House LLC: The Leadership House offers students the chance to live and study with other students form diverse backgrounds who share a common drive for leadership. Residents of the Leadership House living learning community (LLC) at Kamola Hall are committed to making a difference in the world. Through collective activities, community service projects and workshops, Kamola Leadership House residents develop their own leadership capacity while serving and strengthening those around them.  (Ongoing)

Leadership Workshops: Throughout the academic year, CLCE offers a variety of leadership workshops ranging in focus from leadership basics to conquering stress. Contact Us for more information regarding current workshops. (Ongoing)

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Quarterly programs take place at least once in each of the three major academic quarters (Fall, Winter, Spring). These programs occur with a consistent frequency, allowing in-depth discussion, engagement and continual support of various topics. 


Blood Drive: Each quarter we ask CWU students to lend a hand (or a vein) to help the American Red Cross meet its blood donation needs for central Washington. One person’s blood donation can save up to three lives. There is no appointment necessary, walk-ins are welcome! (Quarterly)

International Café: Each quarter, International Cafe promotes beneficial interaction between CWU's international and American students. Promoting this positive development, we see students working together in leadership and community engagement roles.  Build cross-cultural friendships while you understand and learn about a culture different from your own. (Quarterly)

International Community Program (ICP): The International Community Program promotes beneficial interaction between CWU's international and domestic students. It then guides them to work together in leadership and community engagement roles. This promotes cross-cultural friendships, understanding, and learning opportunities. Various events, such as outdoor activities or meet-and-greet parties, will be held throughout the academic year. (Quarterly)

Tea @ 3: Address your challenges and see a path to overcome them with this monthly event. Hear from faculty, staff and community members while they share who hey are, what inspires them and how they got to their current position. (Quarterly)

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Fall Quarter

Fall quarter programs will only take place during the Fall. Specific events are tailored for the season, bringing more relevancy to the cause or issue at hand.

CWU Vote: Each fall, we work together in a collaborative effort to encourage CWU students to register, to become informed voters and to vote in the November elections. We hope everyone can become educated voters, educating themselves while fulfilling their civic duties. (Fall Quarter)

Experience Leadership Project (ELP): Each September, before fall quarter starts, we take off for a three-day retreat in the Cascade Mountains. Designed for incoming first-year students, the Experience Leadership Project gives new students a chance to develop a support network with CWU students, faculty, and staff; enhance their leadership skills; and, increase awareness of the resources available at CWU. Through activities such as team building exercises, interactive workshops, the challenge course, white water rafting, rock climbing, and the memorable night hike, participants are prepared to jump into life at Central. (Fall Quarter)

Giving Tree: This holiday season, students, staff, and the community are encouraged to make a difference by donating gifts for local families. Take a tag from our "giving tree" located in the Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC), drop the gift at our office and put a smile of the face of a child this holiday season. (Fall Quarter)

Holiday Extravaganza: As the air grows colder, we host the annual Holiday Extravaganza, an event in which volunteers help children and families with a variety of holiday-centric crafts and activities. Drawing in families from around the community, Holiday Extravaganza brings the holiday season by storm. (Fall Quarter)

Kittitas Connect: Kittitas Connect brings together a series of events with the purpose of getting CWU students into the community in positive ways. Student volunteers will complete various tasks, throughout downtown Ellensburg and along the Yakima River. (Fall Quarter)

Leadership Quest: Find your leadership skills and practice them in real time during Leadership Quest. This full-day event features workshops and other interactive challenges to develop existing leadership qualities, which will be put to the test with an afternoon on the CWU challenge course. (Fall and Spring Quarter(s)) 

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Winter Quarter

Winter quarter programs will only take place during the Winter. Specific events are tailored for the season, bringing more relevancy to the cause or issue at hand.


Amazing Race - Ellensburg: Each winter quarter, CWU students team up to put their Ellensburg navigation skills and leadership knowledge to the test. Like the popular television program, teams race across town to collect as many points as possible; but, beware, challenges await at every turn! The Amazing Race-Ellensburg is a great way to explore our community, learn about leadership, and have a great time. (Winter Quarter)

Forget Me Not Bingo: Support the fight against Parkinson disease, and join the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE) and Adult Activity Center for Forget Me Not Bingo. The event will be held at the Ellensburg Adult Activity Center to help raise funds and awareness for the National Parkinson Foundation. CWU students will interact with older adults while playing bingo and gain knowledge about the National Parkinson Foundation. Space is limited. (Winter Quarter)

Leadership Conference: The annual Leadership Conference presents a day-long series of workshops designed to give students a variety of leadership tools. Facilitators include CWU faculty and staff as well as visiting scholars from other institutions. While many of these facilitators have specialized practices focused within the four colleges of Central Washington University, each is looking to have any student take away valuable professional development skills from their workshop, regardless of major. (Winter Quarter)

MLK: Remembrance and Celebration Week: Activities recognizing the late civil rights leader include a candlelight vigil, a film screening and activities with local elementary school children. This event aims to educate young students about the revolutionary work of Martin Luther King Jr.. Past sponsors have included The Center for Diversity and Social Justice, Africana & Black Studies, Museum of Culture & Environment, Students for the Dream LLC, Kittitas Coalition for Human Rights and Campus Life. (Winter Quarter)

Nelson Mandela Remembrance: This winter, pay tribute to the late President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, for his positive impact on the world. The event will utilize interactive display, keynote speakers and a movie highlighting Nelson Mandela's leadership skills. You can take the pledge to work toward Mandela's vision of society yourself! (Winter Quarter)

Random Acts of Kindness: Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) week is a worldwide celebration of kindness that takes place in February of each year. Put on a smile and brighten the day of fellow students and community members for this celebration, various activities take place in the Student Union and Recreation Center. (Winter Quarter)

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Spring Quarter 

Spring quarter programs will only take place during the Spring. Specific events are tailored for the season, bringing more relevancy to the cause or issue at hand.

Cesar E. Chavez: Remembering and Celebrating Event: During spring quarter, bring awareness of worker's rights and farm workers issues. Educating the campus and community about significant civil rights events  while honoring the late activist and labor leader Cesar E. Chavez. (Spring Quarter)

College Civics Week: Co-sponsored by the ASCWU Student Government, this event exhibits the exemplary work in the community that we as a university have done over the last year. In past years, the program included a visit from Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman, First Amendment activist Glen Greenwald, and even a video recorded by Senator Patty Murray especially for CWU students. (Spring Quarter)

Don’t Waste, Donate: As CWU students prepare to leave for the summer, they come across many unwanted items. Don't Waste, Donate collects these items and sells them through Campus Surplus. Don't Waste, Donate will also collect students' non-perishable food items, all proceeds and food donations will go to the F.I.S.H. Food Bank to help feed the community. (Spring Quarter)

Earth Week: The third week of April is dedicated to the environment locally and globally. Activities at CWU include the Olmstead Spring Cleanup, Mt. Stuart ElemenTree, Downtown Cleanup, and the long-running Yakima River Cleanup. Join us for one or all of these events to show your concern for the environment, meet new people and spend some time outside. (Spring Quarter)

  • Yakima River Cleanup: Explore one of the most exciting landscapes in Central Washington while participating in a longstanding CWU legacy. For the past 40 years, hundreds of CWU students and community members have joined together to clean and protect the Yakima River Canyon. This year, Yakima River Cleanup expands upon the traditional litter removal project to include team-based activities such as canyon-wide trail restoration, campsite renovation, and ecosystem revitalization. (Spring Quarter)

  • ElemenTree: Volunteers will help educate 5th grade classes from Mt. Stuart Elementary School on the different aspects of Earth Day and how their lives directly affect the health of our earth. Students from CWU and local elementary schools will work together at Olmstead Place State Park to do environmentally friendly activities.

  • Olmstead Spring Cleanup: Get out in the fresh country air and help preserve the past for future enjoyment. During Earth Week help Olmstead Farm, one of the first homesteads in Kittitas Valley, with small maintenance projects. 

  • Downtown Cleanup: Join students and other community volunteers as we spruce up downtown and get ready for the busy summer months ahead. Caring for our neighborhood is a great way for volunteers to give back to the community. 

Evening of Recognition (EOR): Evening of Recognition is an event in which students, staff, and faculty are nominated and awarded for their endeavors and extraordinary actions. The award recipients have each positively influenced the CWU campus community in one way or another. Please help recognize those individuals that have impacted your life here at Central Washington University by making your nomination today. (Spring Quarter)

Leadership Quest: Find your leadership skills and practice them in real time during Leadership Quest. This full-day event features workshops and other interactive challenges to develop existing leadership qualities, which will be put to the test with an afternoon on the CWU challenge course. (Fall and Spring Quarter(s))

Unheard Voices: Each spring quarter, Unheard Voices highlights an underrepresented cause by holding a fundraiser concert. The event includes performances by students and other local talent for a happy evening. Listen to talented artists while supporting a positive effort. (Spring Quarter)

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