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Law and Justice

College of the Sciences

Training Project in Mexico

In December, several faculty from the Department of Law & Justice delivered a training workshop in Morelia, Mexico.  Professor Rodrigo Murataya organized the training for the Auditoria Superior de Michoacan, the agency with oversight over public projects in the state of Michoacan.   More than 250 auditors and lawyers from the agency participated in the-two day workshop on “Professionalism and Organizational Culture”.  Rodrigo Murataya spoke on leadership, ethics, public administration and anti-corruption strategies.  Saul Chacon addressed organizational culture and communication.  Paul Knepper spoke on project evaluation and conflict management.  Veronica Gomez-Vilchis, from CWU’s Center on Diversity and Equity, also spoke; she addressed workplace issues including sexual harassment and treating people with dignity and respect.


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