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Mock Trial Regional Reflection

Mock Trial Regional

In the first team photo, the people from left to right are;

Back row:  Jeff Monastyrsky; Professor R. Shaffer Claridge; Raquel Angel; Kiana Mathews; Kyle Kubik; Steven Camacho

Front row:  Mariah Hogan; Kira Cox; Jeffrey Seligman; Kailyn Bowman; Nicole Hansen


Overall, I am very pleased with our progress.  The students are getting demonstrably better each year, though this year our scores didn’t quite reflect that.  Still, we beat Washington State in a head-to-head matchup and finished ahead of teams from Reed College and Washington State.  We are the only regional comprehensive that competes at the regional, and we hold our own.  One of our competitors won an award for Outstanding Attorney, and two more competitors missed out on winning an award by only one point.  In terms of the competition, the highlight was in the second round when we were matched with UC Berkeley.  The students were not intimidated and fought hard.  Out of a total of 140 possible points, we ended up losing by 4.  But the real value of this experience is the confidence it builds in students, the practical skills it gives them, and networking opportunities with lawyers and judges.  The students made the most of those opportunities, formed some close friendships, and had a successful year.  Their coach is very proud of them.



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