Law and Justice

Masters of Science Courses

Option A includes a comprehensive examination as the culminating experience and option B includes a thesis or research project as the culminating experience. Both options are 60 credits to complete. Option A is primarily designed for those interested in pursuing career advancement where option B is designed for those interested in research or pursuing further graduate level work.

Core Requirements28 Credits
LAJ 511Theories of Crime, Deviance, and Justice4
LAJ 516Organizational Leadership4
LAJ 520Constitutional Issues in Law and Justice4
LAJ 524Policy Analysis4
LAJ 535Research Methods4
LAJ 536Statistics and Data Analysis4
LAJ 540Law and Social Control4
Seminar Electives (Pick Seven)28 Credits
LAJ 541Race, Class, Gender, and Justice4
LAJ 542Criminal Justice History4
LAJ 543Theory and Evidence on Crime Prevention4
LAJ 544Theory and Evidence in Policing4
LAJ 545Ethical Issues4
LAJ 546Theory and Evidence in Corrections4
LAJ 547Theory and Evidence in Courts and Law4
LAJ 548Decision Making in Law and Justice4
LAJ 549Juvenile Justice4
LAJ 550Advanced Research Methodology4
LAJ 551Legal Liability for Professionals4
LAJ 552Criminal Justice Controversies4
Other Courses (4 Credit Maximum)
LAJ 590Coop Experience1-4
LAJ 596Independent Study1-4
LAJ 598Special Topics4
Competency Demonstration (select one of the options below)4 Credits
LAJ 689Option A: Master's Capstone/Oral Exam Included4
LAJ 700Option B: Master's Thesis, Project, Study, or Portfolio4
Total Credits60