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Law and Justice

College of the Sciences

Major Requirements

Requirements as of Fall 2014:


(Students who declared their major before Fall 2014 may contact the LAJ offices for program requirements.)


Law and Justice Major = 60 Credits

Core Requirements

LAJ Core (all required)Credits
LAJ 300Administration of Criminal Justice4
LAJ 302Criminal Procedure4
LAJ 313Criminal Law4
LAJ 400Research Methods4
LAJ 401Ethics, Conflict, and Diversity4
LAJ 420Community and Social Justice4
LAJ 451Crime in America4
LAJ 489Senior Seminar in Law and Justice4
Core Credits32
LAJ Electives (Pick 7 Courses)Credits
LAJ 303Legal Research4
LAJ 311Family Law4
LAJ 316Introduction to Paralegal Studies4
LAJ 317Introduction to Civil Practice4
LAJ 324Correctional Law4
LAJ 326Correctional Counseling4
LAJ 327Community Corrections4
LAJ 331Investigation4
LAJ 332Police Community Relations4
LAJ 333Police Personnel Administration4
LAJ 334Issues in Policing4
LAJ 342Juvenile Justice Process4
LAJ 350Criminal Justice and the Media4
LAJ 351Prep for Careers in Law Enforcement4
LAJ 353Great American Trials4
LAJ 402African Americans and the Constitution4
LAJ 403Sexual Minorities, the Law, and Justice4
LAJ 410Legal Writing4
LAJ 426Advanced Correctional Counseling4
LAJ 440Basic Mediation4
LAJ 450Report Writing4
LAJ 453Domestic Violence Issues4
LAJ 455Comparative Criminal Justice Systems4
LAJ 459Current Issues4
LAJ 460Terrorism4
LAJ 470Victimology4
LAJ Elective Courses28
Total Credits Required60

All courses may be offered either on-campus or online.
Law and Justice Core Total Credits: 32
LAJ Electives Credits: 28
— Select seven (7) upper-division CWU LAJ courses (other than 490, 492, 495, or 496).

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