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Field Placement Experience Program


Welcome to the Field Placement Program page! The Field Placement Experience allows LAJ students to earn elective credits while integrating their classroom knowledge to agency and organization practices in the field of criminal justice, legal services, or community-based organizations.


Contact Info:

Field Placement Coordinator: Deanna Corsilles (she/her) | Email: | Phone: 509-963-3122

Field Placement Supervisor: Robert Moore | Email: | Phone: 509-963-3857

Current Field Placement Opportunities for Summer 2021

Requirements for Field Placement

  • Be declared a Law & Justice major (field placement is not open to Law & Justice minors).
  • Be in good academic standing at the time of application. Students with less than a 2.0 GPA are not eligible for field placement.
  • Be acceptable to the agency. Field placement supervisors are not required to accept all students recommended to them.

Field Placement vs. Internship/Co-Op 

  Field Placement LAJ 493/499 Internship/Co-Op LAJ 490
Credit Counts as elective credit toward LAJ major

Counts toward overall CWU credits; Applicable to LAJ minors

Supervision Field Placement seminar leader supervises (Professor Moore). Individual professor
Learning Goals Syllabus for LAJ 499 Learning Agreement
Support Field Placement Coordinator & LAJ Department Career Services

View for more information on Internship/Co-op through Career Services.

Benefits of Field Placement

  • Allows students to apply course knowledge to firsthand experience in their field of interest.
  • Exposes students to agency/organization environment.
  • Eases the transition from academic classroom to the professional workplace setting.
  • Provides students an opportunity to develop, test, and polish skills.

Field Placement Credit Breakdown

  • Students must take LAJ 493 Field Placement Experience with LAJ 499 Field Placement Seminar.
  • LAJ 493: 1-12 credits
    • Students can only count up to 8 credits for the LAJ elective credit.
    • Additional credits can be counted toward the 180 total requirements needed for a baccalaureate degree at CWU.
  • LAJ 499: 2 credits
  • 40 field placement experience hours = 1 credit
  • A total of 10 elective credits can be earned through field placement. 

Steps in Acquiring a Field Placement

  1. Students must apply at least one quarter before placement would begin.
  2. Complete the Declaration of Interest in Field Placement form.
  3. Reach out to Field Placement Coordinator and Site Supervisor.
  4. Complete Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
  5. Compete Sexual Harassment Training.
  6. Aquire Non-Medical Setting Liability Insurance.
  7. Submit a Field Placement Enrollment Request.

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