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Law and Justice

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James L. Huckabay: Interim Chair | 509-963-3185

Teresa FrancisTeresa Francis Divine: Associate Professor and Associate Graduate Faculty

B.A., Political Science, University of New Mexico; J.D., Mississippi College School of Law; L.L.M., Criminal Law, State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law. Professor Francis is a lawyer, specializing in criminal and civil law and procedure, family law, and correctional law. | 253-964-6260 | Francis: Vitae (78KB .doc)


Rodrigo MuratayaRodrigo Murataya: Professor and Regular Graduate Faculty

A.A., Yakima Valley College; B.A., Law and Justice, Psychology Minor, Central Washington University; Master of Public Administration, International/Comparative Criminal Justice Systems, University of Washington; Ph.D., Gonzaga University, Interdisciplinary Leadership. Professor Murataya has served as a police officer and specializes in criminal law, law enforcement and comparative criminal justice with a particular focus on Mexico. | 509-963-3667 | Murataya: Vitae (114KB .doc)

Danielle NealDanielle Neal: Assistant Professor

B.S., Political Science & Criminal Justice, University of Nebraska at Kearney; M.A., Washington State University; PhD., Washington State University. Professor Neal's research and teaching areas include social capital, juvenile justice, minorities in criminal justice, criminological theory, and policy and administration issues in criminal justice. She is the author of the book Social Capital and Urban Crime, published in 2011. | 509-963-2332 | Neal: Vitae (483KB .pdf)

Krystal Noga-StyronKrystal E. Noga-Styron: Associate Professor, Center Director at CWU Lynnwood, and Associate Graduate Faculty

B.A., Political Science & Spanish, University of Illinois; M.A., Journalism & Communication Law, University of Oregon; J.D., University of Oregon. Professor Noga-Styron is a former Deputy Prosecuting Attorney and is currently appointed as Judge Pro Tempore in Lewis County, WA. Her research and teaching interests include Legal Research and Writing, Report Writing, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Family Law, Ethics, Criminal Justice and the Media, Intellectual Property Law, Election Law, and Comparative Law. | 425-640-1574 | Noga-Styron: Vitae (184KB .pdf)

Mike OliveroJ. Michael Olivero: Professor and Regular Graduate Faculty

B.A., Sociology, San Francisco State University; M.S., Illinois University, Criminal Justice Sciences; PhD., Southern Illinois University, Sociology; Master of Social Work, Eastern Washington University. Professor Olivero has been published numerous times and has served as both a police officer and corrections officer. Professor Olivero specializes in research methods, correctional counseling, gangs, criminology and comparative criminal justice. | 963-2398 | Olivero: Vitae (130KB .doc)

Charles ReasonsCharles E. Reasons: Professor and Regular Graduate Faculty

A.A., Olympic College; B.A., Sociology, Central Washington State College; M.A., Sociology, Ohio University; Ph.D., Sociology, Washington State University; LL.B.,  University of British Columbia Law School. He has both a Ph.D. and a law degree, which he used to practice law in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to his arrival at CWU, professor Reasons chaired the Criminal Justice Department at Buffalo State College, in New York. He has been published extensively in many different areas, including nine books, numerous book chapters, and journal articles. He has taught and completed research in Canada, Australia, and the United States. Professor Reasons specializes in law, criminology, criminal justice and minorities, crime, and comparative homicide between Canada and the United States. | 509-963-1779 | Reasons: Vitae (469KB .pdf)

Mary Ellen ReimundMary Ellen Reimund: Professor, Center Director at CWU Des Moines, and Associate Graduate Faculty

B.S., Journalism, Bowling Green State University; M.A., Mass Communications; J.D., Drake University; LL.M., University of Missouri Law School. Professor Reimund has been a public information officer for a Sheriff’s Department, pretrial release interviewer in corrections, and practiced law as a county prosecutor. She has also taught as a part-time adjunct at several colleges and full-time in the School of Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Public Safety at Metropolitan State University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Professor Reimund teaches law-related classes. Her scholarship focuses on dispute-resolution and restorative justice. | 206-439-3800 | Reimund: Vitae (102KB .doc)

Roger Schaefer: Assistant Professor and Graduate Faculty

B.A., Criminology, University of Northern Iowa, M.S., Criminology and Criminal Justice, Indiana State University, Ph.D. Criminal Justice and Criminology, Washington State University. Before joining the faculty as CWU, professor Schaefer taught courses in institutional correction, research methods and justice in a multicultural society at Washington State University. Following the completion of his Ph.D. professor Schaefer was named associate editor for the journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology. Professor Schaefer’s research interests include sex offender community supervision, correctional dynamics and discourse, and correctional program evaluation. Dr. Schaefer’s dissertation examined the continuum of care with sex offenders on community supervision in Washington State. | 509-963-3529 | Schaefer: Vitae (114KB .pdf)

Cody StoddardCody Stoddard: Associate Professor and Associate Graduate Faculty

B.A., Criminal Justice Administration, Boise State University; B.S., Political Science, Boise State University; M.A., Criminal Justice Administration, Boise State University; Ph.D., Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati. Professor Stoddard has taught policing and courts in the criminal justice system at Boise State University and court related courses at the University of Cincinnati. His dissertation focused on utilizing an ecological and organizational perspective in order to improve models explaining police decision making. His publications have appeared in Criminal Justice Journals. | 509-963-3252 | Stoddard: Vitae (20KB .doc)


Saul ChacónSaul Chacón: Lecturer

A.A., Yakima Valley Community College; B.A. Law and Justice, Central Washington University; Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Management, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Professor Chacon is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from Gonzaga University in Leadership studies. He has been published at the International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice. He has served as a corrections officer and his research includes special populations in corrections, correctional law, drug trafficking organizations, and organized crime. Professor Chacon is a former Marine and served in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Strong Resolve, and the Global War on Terrorism. | 509-963-3230

Wes ClogstonWes Clogston: Lecturer

Bachelor of Science degree, Sam Houston State University with emphasis in Police Science; Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice Management. Professor Clogston retired from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department at the rank of Regional Commander with thirty six years’ service. In addition Professor Clogston served on the adjunct staff of the University of Houston Downtown College of Public Service for nine years. Presently Professor Clogston holds a Masters Certification conferred by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education, and his areas of specialization are police management, criminology, and ethics. | 509-963-3262 | Clogston: Vitae (88KB .pdf)

Robert MooreRobert C. Moore: Senior Lecturer

B.A., Sociology, Central Washington University; M.A., Sociology, New Mexico State University. Professor Moore has worked many years for the Washington Department of Corrections as a prison superintendent, Assistant Director, and Regional Administrator, and for the King County Department of Youth Services as the Probation Manager. His focus is in criminology and corrections. | 425-640-1574 | Moore: Vitae (29KB .doc)


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Michael HanscomMichael Hanscom: Secretary Senior, Ellensburg

A.A., North Seattle Community College; B.A., Law and Justice, Central Washington University. Mr. Hanscom graduated Magna Cum Laude from the CWU Law and Justice program in 2011. | 509-963-3219