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El Centro Latinx for Latino and Latin American Studies

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El Centro Latinx for Latino and Latin American Studies
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Why Minor in Latino and Latin American Studies?

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The interdisciplinary Latino & Latin American Studies (LLAS) Minor offers you an opportunity to study with CWU faculty from a variety of academic fields. There are two foundation pillars for this minor. In one, you’ll explore important current topics, such as immigration, as well as social, political, and economic issues affecting Latinos in the US. On the other, you’ll also learn about the economics, politics, history, sociology, environment, and cultures of the vast Latin American continent: Mexico, Central America, The Caribbean, and South America.  The intersectionality of cultural and political identity, race, nationality, gender, and the evolving socio-political and economic landscapes of Latinos and Latin Americans are at the core of a wide range of courses offered by this valuable academic program.

Academic Enrichment!

The LLAS Minor focuses on understanding the lived experiences of Latinos in the US, and the reasons for migrating from Latin Americans. This minor would also provide a window to understand the culture, traditions, values of people from Latin American as well as the economic, social, and political systems in which they navigate.

In other words, through a rich and diverse interdisciplinary training in the economic, social, political, and cultural realities of these groups, you will be able to integrate your individual interests with specialized areas of concentration in your course work.

Career Enhancement and Work Opportunities!

The LLAS Minor complements your major academic pursuits and enhances your competitive professional skills in a variety of career fields: business and finance, federal and regional government, social work, law and justice, education, and organizations and corporations that work with Latino and Latin American communities.

Crossing Borders -- Get to know Your Community!

The LLAS Minor stimulates your personal and academic interests through extracurricular programs sponsored by the El Centro: Art Performances, Film & Speakers Series, and Student & Faculty Panel Discussions. Being part of the LLAS program fosters interaction and opportunities for participation in activities offered by campus student organizations such as Casa Latina, MEChA, CAMP, and the Diversity & Equity Center. The program is associated with local and regional organizations that sponsor speakers and cultural events, as well as community outreach centers like Apoyo that establish understanding and cooperation between Central Washington University and the surrounding communities.

Graduate School Preparation!

The LLAS Minor offers a foundation for graduate study in diverse academic fields: Anthropology, Business, Economics, History, Geography, Law, Political Science, Sociology, Literature, and Spanish, among other fields of expertise.

Opportunities to Go Abroad!

The LLAS Minor supports short and long-term academic programs/internships in the State of Washington and Latin America (in coordination with CWU’s Office of International Programs). You’ll discover opportunities to further develop your knowledge and skills in accredited university programs, businesses, and non- profit organizations in the US and in Latin America.

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