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Meet Miriam Bocchetti, Wildcat Way “Best of the Best” Recipient, 2019

The Wildcat Way was launched in the fall of 2016 as a way to build university-wide commitment to service excellence. Little did we realize the breadth of care, talent, and devotion we would find among our own employees! Miriam Bocchetti is one such employee.

Miriam Bocchetti, M.A., has been the Director of the College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP) for 11 years, serving students from migrant and seasonal farm working backgrounds at CWU and at Yakima Valley Community College. Characterized by Leah Shelton in the fall of 2018, “Miriam is a devoted advocate for students, and her programs are nationally recognized and ranked for their high retention rates and outstanding support for students.” As secretary of the National HEP/CAMP Association Board, Miriam represents CWU in Washington, DC, and beyond. “She is one of the unsung heroes of CWU, working diligently with and for students from diverse backgrounds to provide wraparound support and opportunities for success.”

Miriam “exemplifies all the traits and ‘Ways of Being’ as a Wildcat Employee,” stated another colleague, Stacy Soderstrom. She epitomizes responsiveness and is “one of those people that you can call, message, or email and she will respond immediately. She is quick to help on committees, attend functions, or speak at engagements or any other need around campus.”

Miriam’s welcoming and inclusive nature, knowledge of the needs of the students she serves, and pride in all that she does shine through every day. It is clear that Miriam “deeply cares for her students and helping fellow CWU employees across departments as we serve all of our students here at CWU. Miriam's dedication to CAMP, students and fellow staff and faculty makes her an excellent role model at CWU.”

In addition to being a CWU alumna, Miriam is currently working toward her Ph.D. in Higher Education Leadership at Colorado State University in a very competitive program. Her research will focus on migrant student persistence, and her scholarly contributions are already putting CWU on the map. “Miriam should be recognized for making CWU a stronger, safer, and more inclusive campus. She truly embodies the Wildcat Way.”

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