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LLAS Minor Requirements

The Latino and Latin American Studies Program (LLAS) is a vibrant interdisciplinary unit devoted to cutting-edge research, teaching, and community engagement. The LLAS minor provides students with broad, interdisciplinary training in the economic, social, political, and cultural realities of Chicano, Latino, and Latin American peoples. The minor will be extremely valuable for those pursuing careers in business, government, social work, law and justice, and teaching that require engagement with Latinx communities in the United States, as well as for those who wish to travel and work in Latin America. Moreover, the Latino and Latin American Studies minor may also serve as preparation for graduate study in multiple academic or professional fields

Minor in Latino and Latin American Studies  (LLAS) (25 credits)

(1) Required Courses (10 credits)

  • LLAS 102 - Introduction to Latino and Latin American Studies: Introduction to the history, peoples, and cultures of Latin America and of the Latino/a population in the United States.
  • LLAS 302 - Chicana Feminist Voices in the US: Explores the evolution of Chicana feminist thought and cultural production after 1954. The course examines how Chicana cultural production and scholarship is influenced by historical, political, and social-economic factors which define Chicana identity.

(2) Electives (15 credits)

A total of 15 approved elective credits in at least three different disciplines is required (see list below). Courses taken through CWU exchange or study abroad programs in an accredited Latin American university may be applied for minor program credit. Courses that do not appear on the approved list but contain significant Latino or Latin American content may be used for minor program credit, upon approval of the student’s advisor and the LLAS director(s).

(3) Average GPA

A 2.0 average GPA in all program courses is required.

List of approved courses for the 15 elective credits

Any of the courses below can be used as electives for the LLAS minor. This list is subject to availability, updates, and ongoing curricular changes. Check with the program director or department chairs for information about when each course will be offered.

Elective courses in LLAS

  • LLAS 103 - Survey of Latin American Studies
  • LLAS 301 - Urban Society in Latin America
  • LLAS 388 - Mexican Cultural Studies
  • LLAS 398 - Special Topics
  • LLAS 496 - Individual Study

Other approved elective courses

  • ANTH 346 - Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • ECON 101 - Economic Issues
  • ECON 102 - World Economic Issues
  • ECON 201 - Principles of Economics Micro
  • ENG 331 - Latina/o Literature
  • GEOG 368 - Geography of Middle America
  • GEOG 370 - Geography of South America
  • HIST 449/549 - Transnational History of Latinxs Peoples in the US
  • HIST 321 - Latin America Through Film, Art, and Music
  • HIST 328 - Modern Latin America
  • HIST 329 - The Tropics and the Modern World
  • HIST 385 - Aztec, Inca, Maya: Empire and City in the New World
  • HIST 386 - The Latin American Colonies
  • HIST 448 - History of Latinxs in the Pacific Northwest
  • HIST 448/548 - Latinxs in the Northwest
  • HIST 449 - Transnational History of Latinx People in the US
  • HIST 460 - Religion in Latin America
  • HIST 488 - Mexico in the Modern Era
  • POSC 316 - Latinos and the U.S. Political System
  • POSC 343 - The Politics of the U.S. Mexico Border
  • POSC 361 - Latin American Politics
  • SPAN 301 - Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Literature
  • SPAN 310 - Hispanic Civilizations and Cultures
  • SPAN 347 - Exploring the Land of Magic Realism: A Virtual Voyage Through Colombian History and Culture
  • SPAN 414 - Language Variation and Corpus Linguistics
  • WLC 311 - Popular Cultures of the World
  • WLC 483 - Introduction of Sociolinguistics
  • WLC 485 - Sociolinguistics of Language Education

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