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Information Services

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Bouillon Hall
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Phone: (509) 963-2001

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Strategic Themes

1. Establish a Secure Technology Ecosystem: Through the thoughtful application of security controls, we will focus on establishing an environment that secures our most important assets and is trusted by the campus community. Our students, faculty, and staff can only embrace creative expression and the fostering of new and innovative ideas in a trusted and secure environment.

2. Promote a Shared Technology Governance Model: CWU embraces diversity of thought and collaboration through a technology governance model that is built on trust, confidence, and accountability for all stakeholders.  

3. Develop a World-Class Information Technology Organization: One of our CWU’s goals is to be “distinguished regionally for the rigor of its curriculum and scholarship” and to accomplish this, we must strive for excellence in all areas, especially in information technology; a vital and critical aspect of our institutional long-term goals and aspirations.

4. Generate Business Value and Opportunities: CWU recognizes that information technology must be at the forefront of lowering institutional costs, increasing revenues, optimizing processes, and providing stewardship of institutional resources.

5. Continuous Improvement of the Student, Faculty and Staff IT Experience: New and emerging technologies, along with thoughtful use of existing technologies, can be combined to set CWU apart from peer institutions in terms of efficiency and collaboration, ultimately ensuring opportunities for staff, student, and faculty achievement.

6. Support and Foster Data-Driven Decision Making: Data-driven decision making ensures unbiased accuracy, encourages information to be continually added and updated, and leads to long-term results, allowing CWU to be increasingly competitive with peer institutions.

7. Enhance Technology in the Ellensburg Community and Beyond: CWU is a vital member of a vibrant technology ecosystem, with vested interests in the success of the information technology community in Ellensburg and beyond.

Additional information can be found here: IS Master Plan

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