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Information Services

Outages Policy


Title: Outages

Eff: 4/1/08

To assure that our customers are aware of planned and unplanned outages that affect their area by providing a single point of contact for the most current information on both planned and unplanned outages of university processes including, but not limited to Exchange email, PeopleSoft, network connections, and telephone connections.

IS will utilize the leads and the Service Desk to keep customers notified of all outages per the attached procedure and flow chart. Service Desk will then make sure that the information is disseminated to the appropriate areas. They will also follow up after an unplanned outage by notifying those areas involved that the problem has been resolved, what was done and what we are doing to prevent future occurrences. The posting of a planned outage of major service systems must occur no less than ten (10) days prior to the outage. Planned outages that cause an inconvenience or are informational in nature must be posted three (3) days prior, and unplanned outages must be posted as soon as feasible.


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