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CWU Remote Access Policy


Title: CWU Remote Access Policy

Eff: 1/1/06
Rev: 4/19/07

The purpose of this policy is to describe the support provided to faculty/staff and students that connect remotely to Central Washington University computer systems. It is the responsibility of the Information Services (IS) Department to protect the University computer systems assets and assure their security regardless of the access source.

All personnel requesting remote access to the CWU Computer systems are required to
authenticate using their CWU computer account credentials. Access to secure systems not
available via the Wildcat connection or through the dial-in network must use VPN secure
tunneling software into CWU computer systems. This policy does not apply for general access to University web informational pages not requiring authentication.

Calls to the Help desk for remote connection support will be screened to determine if the
faculty/staff/student has Internet access. A browser and Internet access are required. VPN
secure tunneling software is required only if the faculty/staff/student is accessing CWUs
internal application computer systems. The Help desk will verify that the user has the VPN
software and the VPN settings are correct.

The Networks staff will respond to Help Desk referrals and determine if the faculty/staff/student is connecting to the VPN server. The Networks staff will analyze the problem and work with the faculty/staff/student until the remote connection works or other unrelated problems are encountered.


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