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Information Services

Client-Side Wireless Policy


Title: ITS Client-Side Wireless Policy

Eff: 1/22/08

To define the best way to set up wireless laptops for use both on and off campus. This policy allows for the differing needs of faculty, staff and students.


  • PC: SecureW2 is the standard wireless supplicant except
    • Certain laptops have either Dell Wireless Utility or Intel ProSet software pre-installed. These utilities will be used in place of SecureW2 when possible.
    • ITS will not uninstall native software as part of the wireless solution.
  • Macintosh: Macintosh laptops are natively able to connect to the CWU wireless network with configuration only; no software is installed.
  • PDA: Due to the variety of platforms/operating systems, PDAs are only supported on a limited basis.
    • Dell Axims have the Odyssey wireless client pre-installed and can be configured for CWU.
    • SecureW2 has a client for Windows CE based PDAs; ITS will install/configure this on appropriate PDAs but due to varying specifications we cannot guarantee success.
    • Other PDAs are not supported but will be looked at individually
  • Linux: Linux connection to CWU wireless is currently in development.
    • Development is based on the Open Suse distribution of Linux and the Open 1X supplicant.


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