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Asset Management Policy


Title: Computer Asset Management SystemNumber:
Eff: 4/20/07

The purpose of CWU’s information technology Asset Management system is to automatically collect and update computer hardware and software inventory configuration, and logistical data.

The collection and end use of this information benefits the University, and the customers of the IS Department, in several ways. These include:

  • Hardware Configuration: Hardware configuration provides the IS Department with critical information required for the management of computer replacements and/or upgrades. This information allows for improved budgeting, and allows IS to proactively upgrade or replace computers as needed.
  • Software Configuration: Software configuration provides the IS Department with information required for efficient licensing management and to assure that CWU is in compliance with our software license agreements. Significant financial savings can result via proper licensing.
  • Logistics and Inventory: This information supports IS knowing the quality and location of all desktop equipment and licensed software. This information is needed to provide improved Help Desk support, and to be able to comply with technology audits and DIS Portfolio Annual filings with the State.

The IS Department will collect hardware and software configuration, inventory and logistics data on all University-owned computer systems as necessary to accomplish the duties and responsibilities of the department, and to provide the highest level of service to customers. Data will not be collected on personal files, documents, and/or e-mails. No personal software will be inventoried and no information stored in My Documents or other personal locations will be accessed, viewed, inventoried or reported.

System configuration information will be automatically gathered whenever a University-owned computer or network printer is connected to the CWU network. Data collected will include:

User Information

  • Department
  • Building
  • Room Number
  • User's Name
  • User's Phone Number
  • User's E-mail Address

System Information

  • CPU type and speed
  • Memory configuration
  • Hard drive size and free space
  • Logical drives

Hardware & Device Drivers

  • Manufacturers
  • System motherboards
  • Video Cards
  • Network cards
  • Printers
  • Ports


  • Installed packages and versions
  • Patches
  • Virus definitions
  • Ability to identify malware/adware
  • Spyware software and definitions

Annually, users of University-owned computer equipment will be prompted to provide required profile information including user-name, department, phone and location to update logistical data. This information will be collected to enhance proactive customer service whenever a hardware and/or software issue arises.


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