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ITS Training

Word: Working with Large Documents

Type: Professional development.

Delivery method:  Hands-on training Hands-on icon.

Experience level:  Advanced; for those with considerable experience Advanced iconAdvanced iconAdvanced icon

Length: Two hours (break-time included).

Description:  Microsoft Word is the word processing application included with Microsoft Office.  But it can be used for much more than just creating memos and letters.  This course covers features useful when working with large documents: creating and using a template; working with an outline; creating a master document; and compiling a table of contents, index, footnotes, and endnotes. This class will be taught using the latest versions of Word for PC and Mac.

Prerequisites:  Understand the basics of Word.

Online options: Microsoft provides free online training for Word 2010 (PC) here: and Word 2011 (Mac) here: with videos and courses. You can also get free training for Microsoft Office programs for the PC via the Microsoft IT Academy. Instructions for setting up an account, logging on to the IT Academy and a class list are available via the Wildcat Connection.

If you are interested in this class but don't see it on the class schedule, please fill out the registration form and indicate you'd like to be on the wait list in the memo field at the bottom of the form.


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