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ITS Training

Word: Getting Started

Type: Professional development.

Delivery method:  Hands-on training Hands-on icon.

Experience level:  Beginner; for those with little or no experience Beginner icon.

Length: Two hours.

Description:  Microsoft Word is the word processing program used most at CWU.  Learn the basics of Word: navigating the screen, creating and saving documents from scratch or from templates; editing and formatting, using graphics to enhance your document, and printing options. This class will be taught in the latest version of Word for both the Mac and PC (separate sessions).

Prerequisites:  Understand the basics of Windows or the Mac OS.

Online options: Microsoft also provides free online training for Word 2010 (PC) here: and Word 2011 (Mac) here: with videos and courses. You can also access online training for the PC version of Word via the IT Academy in the Wildcat Connection.

If you are interested in this class but don't see it on the class schedule, please fill out the registration form and indicate you'd like to be on the wait list in the memo field at the bottom of the form.


Page last updated 06/24/13.