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CWU Service Desk

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Samuelson Hall, 1st floor
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg WA, 98926

(509) 963-2001
Mon. - Fri.: 7am - 5pm

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How To Request Service Through the Service Desk Catalog

  1. Log in to MyCWU. Find the “Other Links” pagelet on your dashboard and “CWU Service Desk.” It brings you to this page:


  1. Identify the service you would like to request.   Such as Email/Calendar.  See below example.

  1. Select the service.  Example:  General Email/Calendar Issues

  1. Click the Request Service button.

  1. Enter your user name and password (example- user name:  wildcat  password:  welcomehome)

Click login button.

  1. Enter your information and click Request button.


Whether you created your own CWU Service Desk “request service” ticket or the Service Desk staff created it for you, you can check the status of your ticket at any time!

  • Log in to your MyCWU account and click on the CWU Service Desk link in the ‘Other Links’ section.
  • Once logged in, your current tickets will show on your home page. You may also click on the Services tab and view them.
  • When selecting your ticket, details such as: who has read it, previous comments made, who has primary responsibility and progress will be visible. You may also add your own comments to communicate with the technician working on your ticket. Withdrawing your ticket is also an option if you no longer need assistance with that particular issue.


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