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WIN-WIN Program

Due to overwhelming demand we no longer have any left in stock. When supplies are replenished we will make an announcement. 

Until more computers are in stock, please order via requisition through the Purchasing Department.

Request your new standard PC | Go to CWU e-Purchasing | Desktop Standard Pricing

The WIN-WIN project is a CWU standard computer subsidization program designed to replace old computer systems on campus with new standard CWU computers. Participating departments will receive one-half of the cost towards the purchase of each new standard Windows system. The department must release an old computer to Computer Support Services (CSS).

Project Goal

The goal of The WIN-WIN Project is to replace old computers on campus with new computers that bring the median age of our desktop computers within or close to the limit of warranty coverage, thereby reducing in-service failures and deferring maintenance costs to a manageable depreciation schedule. The WIN-WIN project will help accomplish this by providing a partial subsidy to offset the purchase cost of new standard computers in return for the one to one exchange of older computers whether functional or obsolete. CSS will have a number of computers in stock and will be able to deliver and install them at the earliest possible time arranged between CSS and the department.

Project Requirements

To receive the subsidy on the purchase of a new standard computer, an older CWU computer must be exchanged. This subsidy no longer applies to laptops and/or non-standard windows computers. All departments that pay the CWU Admin Fee and/or are State-Funded are now authorized to receive the WinWin subsidy.

Current CWU Standard Configuration

The current CWU standard computer parameters can be viewed here at Computer System Standards.

Trickle Down Policy

There will only be 1 trickle down cycle allowed for each computer purchased through the WIN-WIN Project. The new computer may be placed at the receiving department's discretion, but the computer it is replacing can only trickle down (replace) one other computer within the department.

Departmental Cost

The Purchaser will be responsible for the balance of costs incurred after receiving their credit for turning in an old computer. Departments will be charged via internal charge/credit for standard systems. Requisitions are not necessary.

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