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Phone: (509) 963-2001

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New Employee Technology Guide

Who do I contact for help? 

The Service Desk provides a single point of contact for faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents requesting technology related services and support from Information Services. If you happen to encounter an issue pertaining to CWU hardware or software or your user account access, please contact the CWU Service Desk via the contact information below. 

Phone: 509-963-2001 or Email:
Alternatively, you can submit a service request online by clicking the “Request Service” button at

What’s TeamDynamix? 

At CWU, Information Services uses a ticketing program called “TeamDynamix” to manage workflow requests. When we send out emails from TeamDynamix, they sometimes can end up in your Junk folder. If you’ve submitted a service request, please make sure to check your Junk folder for a response from TeamDynamix. 

What is MFA and why is it required?

CWU requires that all faculty and staff use Multifactor Authentication methods when accessing CWU systems where confidential data is stored.  In addition to your CWU username and password, you will be prompted to approve access via a secondary method which can be from a phone call, an Authenticator app, a secondary email address or a security token.  Because of the increase in computer virus and phishing attacks, CWU Security Services indicates that MFA will greatly decrease the possibility of a hacker gaining unauthorized access to CWU systems.  Additional information regarding MFA may be found here:

Where should I save data? 

Central Washington University offers several methods to store your documents, including CWU-owned devices, network storage drives, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business cloud storage. It’s highly recommended to keep a current and thorough copy of your files for data retention and safety purposes. Storing information solely on one device can leave data at risk of being lost, corrupted, or deleted. The network storage methods we have available are as follows: 

  • OneDrive for Business (sign in with CWU credentials) 
  • Windows Computer Network Drives 
    • On any CWU-owned Windows computer, these drives (G: N: and S:) are automatically mapped when logging into your CWU account. They can also be accessed via the Global Protect VPN when off-campus. 
  • Mac Computer Network Drives 
    • CWU-owned Mac systems also have access to the network drives, but they require a manual mounting process. Please request assistance from the CWU Service Desk to mount network drives. 
  • DO NOT save CWU-related data to other cloud services (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox). 

What software is available to me? 

  • Software that comes as standard on my CWU computer: 
  • Additional software requests of CWU-licensed software are made via TeamDynamix 
  • You may also purchase non-standard software via your department funds through the Purchasing Department. 
  • CWU employees are licensed to download the Microsoft Office Suite on personal computers by signing in to with your CWU credentials.  (Please do not use this process on CWU-owned equipment.) 
  • CWU employees are licensed to download the Adobe suite of programs on a personal device if permission is granted via a TeamDynamix Software Request.

What if I want a different computer? 

Knowledge Base Articles 

CWU has a variety of Knowledge Base articles that contain step-by-step instructions on how to resolve specific issues. The following are frequently asked questions that you may find useful: 

Revision Update: July 29, 2021 

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