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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Web and Database Administration and Management Specialization

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Administrative Management - Web and Database Administration and Management Specialization

Majors in this specialization gain the skills to plan, lead, and manage the digital profiles of modern enterprises. Balancing concerns of visual design, user experience, hardware capabilities, and emerging technological developments, these graduates are ready to stand at the nexus of web development teams and maximize their capacity for creativity, innovation, adaptation, and efficiency.  The advanced web and database courses are complemented by a core foundation of relevant and current human-centered skills in:

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

  • management and leadership
  • project management
  • business communications
  • financial management
  • ethics
  • professional selling
  • customer relationship management
  • computer networking
  • retail technologies
  • cybersecurity
  • computer applicaitons
  • database management

Graduates secure positions as web administrators, database administrators, web designers, database developers, web page developers, database managers, and web masters.

Program Availability
Ellensburg Campus



Program Requirements for the 2019-2020 Catalog

Core Curriculum

ADMG201Introduction to Business3
ADMG285Sustainable Decision Making4
ADMG302Financial Analysis5
ADMG371Administrative Management4
ADMG372Leadership and Supervision4
ADMG374Project Management5
ADMG385Business Communication and Report Writing4
IT165Seeing Through the Data4
IT202Change Ready: Tech Skills for Leaders4
IT238Introduction to Cyberwarfare4
IT248Web Fundamentals4
IT260Integrated IT Applications4
IT301IT Security, Privacy and Ethics4
IT468Projects In Database4
RMT340Principles of Selling4
RMT366Customer Relationship Management4
RMT379IT Management Career Planning1
IT490Cooperative Education (Internship)8-12

Core Credits: 74-78



Specialization Courses

IT312Advanced Application of Web Tools4
IT322Innovative Design in Web4
IT376Project Management and IT3
IT381Web Apps for M-Commerce4
IT426Application of Web Languages4
IT470Web & Database Capstone4

Specialization Credits: 23


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