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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Terry Linkletter, Senior Lecturer and Advisor

Terry Linkletter
Offices: Lynnwood Snoqualmie 302N, Everett Gray Wolf 210
Phone: 425.640.1574 x3794 or 509.963.3794

I have taught computer science and information technology in six institutions of higher learning in North, Central, and South America, in both English and Spanish.

Most of my career has been in industry: startups, big software makers, and the IT and R&D organizations within a manufacturing company. I have worked as a hands-on engineer, as a first- and second-level manager, and as a team coach - in both software development and quality assurance.

I haven't had a boring year in my life.

Some of my favorite projects were:

  • analysis, design, and construction of software for the acoustic pyrometer, a system that measures Weyerhaeuser pulp mill recovery boiler internal temperature patterns using sonic tomography, thereby improving the efficiency of chemical recycling
  • software and database design for the MIRA system, which works from two decades of varied forest growth data to help Central American farmers and land planners select the right tree species and planting/management regimes, given the specific soil and climatic conditions and desired products
  • coaching the Software Engineering Institute's Team Software Process for the teams that develop software to house, distribute, and protect Microsoft product keys - with the result that this key software was being produced ever more efficiently with ever higher correctness and reliability - quickly reaching an order of magnitude reduction in defects per thousand lines of code


  • B.S. - Stanford University (Statistics)
  • M.S. - University of Wisconsin (Computer Science)
  • CCP - Certified Computing Professional in C++, Software Engineering, Management, Business Information Systems, Software Development, and Data Resource Management
  • CQM - Certified Quality Manager

Teaching History

  • Central Washington University, Lynnwood, Washington
  • Tropical Agronomic Center for Research and Education, Turrialba, Costa Rica
  • Pacific Lutheran University, Parkland, Washington
  • Pierce College, Steilacoom, Washington
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Polytechnic Institute of the Coast, Guayaquil, Ecuador


  • Dhariwal, K., & Linkletter, T. (2008). Complete Guide to Professional Computing, 3rd Edition (and two prior editions), Chicago, IL: Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals.  593 pp.
  • Linkletter, T. (ed.). (1997). Certified Computing Professional Examination Review Outlines, Chicago, IL: Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals.  486 pp.
  • Linkletter, T., & John Whitehouse (2013). How do we know our students have learned the BS outcomes? – an overview of assessment, accreditation, the model curricula, and certification – in information systems and in computer science. The Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges, 29(1), 96-97. (ISSN 1937-4771), Findlay OH: Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges.

Industry Experience

  • Microsoft Corporation, middle management for IT
  • Pacific Edge Software, software quality assurance manager
  • VIACK Corporation, software quality assurance director
  • FizzyLab Incorporated, software quality assurance director
  • Ernst & Young LLP, software quality assurance manager
  • Weyerhaeuser Company IT and R&D, hands-on manager of software engineering

Pro Bono

  • Chairs the Professionalism and Certification Committee of the Association for Computing Machinery (New York)
  • Chairs the Computer Science 2013 Curriculum Assessment Council of the non-profit Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (Chicago)
  • Advisory Board Member for Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s Computer Security and Network Technology Program
  • Served as Peace Corps Volunteer in Bolivia and Ecuador
  • Fluent in English, Spanish; conversational in German, Quechua


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