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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Sae Lee, Lecturer

Sae "Justin" Lee, Lecturer, Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) at CWUOffice: SAM 206

It is an honor to apart of the ITAM department. I bring a wide variety of skills to this department but most importantly I am a product of this program. My skill set is a reflection of what I have learned through my time as an undergraduate and graduate student.

Beginning with my academic background, I earned a B.S. in Information Technology and Administrative Management with a Web Design and Management Certificate here at Central Washington University.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I continued my education by obtaining my M.S. in Information Technology and Administrative Management. During my time as a graduate student I was given an opportunity by the ITAM department to work as a graduate assistant. As a graduate assistant I had the opportunity to work closely alongside with the professors who taught me what I know today. My primary focus was aiding professors and students in the IT101 course.
Upon graduating from CWU, I was offered by the ITAM department to teach as an adjunct instructor, with the primary focus being in IT101. Since then my role has involved into FlexIT program as a content coach.

Through my teaching, I am excited to share a different kind of point of view. Being a fairly recent graduate I offer a fresh sense of understanding from the students standpoint. I love to be able to share my story and offer professional advice based on personal experience. Being able to relate to the student can further the teaching experience.

Prior to CWU, I worked at world class baseball facility located in Auburn, WA. During my time there I was a personal trainer, instructor, and a coach. In addition to being a lecturer here at CWU I also work as an Application Analyst at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital.
Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my wife, skiing, snowboarding, and playing softball. I also enjoy getting involved with my local church, Mercer Creek and their college ministry, Salt.

Advice to Students

The biggest piece of advice I can give to any students are set goals for yourself and don't live to the ""world's" standards.

Without a goal there is no direction, no matter how big or how small a goal is it should drive you to make the choices that you make. I feel there is so much talk among our peers about what could have been or how life could be different if different choices were made. Instead, why not make the choice, today, to set a new goal?

Secondly don't give in to the traditional norms of what the world tells you to do. Follow your passion. The worst thing you could do is not try. Be happy, do your thing, and be true to yourself.

"Don't defeat yourself. Step telling yourself what you can't be or what you can't do. The person in the mirror you look at each and everyday should be your friend, not your enemy. Do not be embarrassed to fail. If you're embarrassed to try, than you're too afraid to succeed. Compete for daily growth."



  • Masters of Science: Informational Technology, 2016
  • Bachelors of Science: Informational Technology, 2014
  • Minor: Web Design and Management
  • Central Washington University, Ellensburg, Washington

Professional Experience

Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital   2016 – Present

Application Analyst

Central Washington University – ITAM  2016 – Present


Central Washington University – ITAM  2014 – 2016

Graduate Assistant     

Central Washington University – Wildcat Shop 2012 – 2014

Technical Assistant

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