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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Robert Lupton, Professor and Department Chair

Office: SAM 206 Suite
Phone: 509.963.1789

One evening while celebrating the completion of my M.S. in Marketing at Colorado State University, the president of the Collegiate Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) asked me about my plans for life after graduate school.  As the faculty advisor to the AMA chapter, I had helped mentor the students that year to great honors – they were awarded top AMA collegiate chapter in the USA.  I shared with her and the others my goal of returning to industry and working in product and brand management for the Warner-Lambert company in New Jersey.  I asked her why she was disappointed with my answer.  She confessed that many students enjoyed my hands on, applied learning approach to teaching and advising.   She told me that I was a leader in the business college, and that my enthusiasm about the subject matter and student learning was refreshing.  Indeed, she and the others did not want me to leave the classroom or the student chapter!  They all agreed – we need amazing teachers and advisors who can teach theory with application.

That was almost 25 years ago!  And this was my personal ‘ah hah’ moment - my deciding moment where I made the decision to remain in higher education and eventually pursue my doctorate. . . that profound moment in time where I realized how important it is to give back and help others be successful! 

Today, I still live by my convictions that the student comes first, and we as educators must offer value to the student through effective teaching and advising!

My name is Bob Lupton, and I am a professor of Retail Management and Technology in the Information Technology and Administrative Management Department at Central Washington University.   Since 2008, I have also been honored to be the department chair.  ITAM offers high demand programs online and on campus using multi-modal deliveries.

My professional business experiences include Fortune 100 companies such as

Honeywell Inc., and Warner-Lambert Company along with retailers such as Kmart, 7-11, and Daylight Donuts giving me a strong foundation for both teaching the ITAM student and leading the ITAM department.

My academic experiences have taken me to wonderful places and have allowed me to meet incredible students and colleagues not just here at CWU but around the world.  My academic travels include Europe, Central Europe, and Australia.  My research has been featured in publications such as Journal of Allied Health Sciences, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Marketing Educators’ Association Proceedings, Journal of Education for Business, International Journal of Educational Management, Journal for Global Business Education, European Retail Digest among others, in areas such as music in the workplace with impact on productivity and morale; brand loyalty, retail social networking and digital download; IT ethics; and industrial marketing. 

When not on campus, I enjoy time with my family and perform drums with the Seattle band Norrish Reaction. 

As I reflect on one of the Norrish Reaction songs called ‘Let it Go,’ I celebrate that the journey is powerful and life is short.  I hope each and every student finds his/her passion while traveling through CWU ITAM.  Indeed, experience that ‘ah hah’ moment!   ...and just...Let It Go!

Advice to Students:

Find your passion and use education to dream big!


Ph.D. - Colorado State University
M.Ed. - Colorado State University
M.S. - Colorado State University
B.S. - University of Northern Colorado

Publications and Projects (Refereed Only)

  • Salahi Yekta, A., Lupton, R. A., Takei, H., Mabudi, K., and Jahanfar, M. (2014). Attitudes of Academic Staffs towards Academic Dishonesty between Central Washington University of USA and Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science of Iran, Proceedings of Marketing Educators' Association, forthcoming
  • Claar, C. L., Shields, R. C., Rawlinson, D., and Lupton, R. A. (2013). College Student Home Computer Security Adoption, Issues in Information Systems, International Association for Computer Information Systems, 14(2), 139-148.
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  • Ali Akbar Khadem Maboudi, A. A., Lupton R. A., and Salahi Yekta, A. (2010). Attitudes, Perceptions, and Tendencies of the Iranian Students in Medical Fields towards Cheating and Academic Dishonesty, Journal of Allied Health Sciences, 4(1), 2010.
  • Lupton, R. A., Rawlinson, D. R., and Braunstein, L. A., (2010). Private Label Branding In China: What Do U.S. And Chinese Students Think?, The Journal of Consumer Marketing, 10 (2), 104-113.
  • Lupton, R. A., and Brodowsky, G. (2009). Marketing Educators’ Association Conference Proceedings, Advancing the Practice and Scholarship of Marketing Education, Co-editor, forthcoming.
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  • Rawlinson, D. R., and Lupton, R. A. (2007). Cross-national attitudes and perceptions concerning software piracy: a comparative study of students from the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China, Journal of Education for Business, 83 (2), 87-94.
  • Rawlinson, D. R., and Lupton, R. A. (2006). Attitudes and perceptions toward software piracy: a comparative study of United States and Slovak Republic students, The Center for Advanced Business Studies, Journal of Management, 1(1), 39-54.

Current Research

  • Music in the Workplace and Affect on Productivity and Morale.
  • IT Retail Management
  • Retail Ecommerce
  • IT Retail Ethics
  • International Marketing and Retailing
  • Retail Social Networking and Digital Download

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