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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Dr. Peter Anthony, Lecturer

Dr. Peter Anthony, Lecturer, Department of Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) CWUOffice: Virtual

I am a retired Navy submariner. My travels provided the opportunity to experience and appreciate diverse cultures. I am passionate about teaching and developing curricula that enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of professional leaders. I published a book and multiple scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles related to strategic planning, systems thinking, leadership, change management, and team building. I present frequently at scholarly International Business and Management conferences. I developed a program through Hiring America's Heroes and Camo2Commerce to assist military with transition to civilian jobs. I enjoy working with individuals and organizations striving to enhance sustainability through social and environmental responsibility. My family enjoys spending time together at the beach, in the snow in the mountains, and just relaxing with friends playing board games.

Advice to Students:

Remember that nothing is 100% perfect. Strive for balance with life, work, school, family, hobbies and do the best you can realizing it's impossible to be 100% with everything.

Share and network throughout your learning and after graduation with other business leaders.

I like the quote from Hillary Rodham Clinton "It takes a village". Anything in life or school takes a village of networking for everyone's success.

Dr. Peter Anthony, Lecturer, Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) CWUEducation

Ed.D, University of Phoenix, Educational Leadership, May 2008

Dissertation Title:  Determining courses of action for educational leaders to achieve Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP). Dissertation Chair: Dr. David Gould. (HLC accredited)

MS, Human Resource Management and Development, Chapman University, 1994

BS, Business Administration, University of Northern Colorado, 1982




Strategic Management, Systems Thinking, and Organizational Leadership Consultant (1996-present) – (most recent two years active consulting listed below):

  • Business Consultant to Local Northwest radio station. Provided initial analysis and will provide ongoing consulting twice a month for the next 3 years related to organizational change management and strategic systems analysis to provide leaders with guidance for whole systems thinking methods to implement organizational changes over the next 3 years. Average of 650 yearly billable hours. (2012 – present)
  • Organizational Sustainability Consultant for three Pacific Northwest firms that are developing sustainable measures and green management initiatives. Average of 250 yearly billable hours. (2010 – present)
  • Organization and Program Development Advisory Board member to PIMA Medical Institute. Average of 150 yearly billable hours. (2009 – present)

Faculty, Laureate/Walden University, 2009-Present

  • Presidential Outstanding Faculty of the Year for 2015.
  • Outstanding CMT/DBA Faculty of the Year for 2015
  • Chair of Doctoral Study selected as CMT/DBA Outstanding Doctoral Study for 2014
  • Member of Walden University First Term Doctoral Scholars Community marketing pilot study program (2014-2015).
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) – development of DDBA 8161 – Business Strategy and Innovation – Walden University (April – June 2013)
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) coordinating with Laureate, Inc. and Walden University representatives – developed MGMT 6110 – Critical Thinking for Effective Management (April – May 2010)
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) coordinating with Laureate, Inc. and Walden University representatives developing PhD. MGMT 8020 – Managing Organizational Complexity course for PhD. Management program (February – July 2010)
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) coordinating with 21st Century Learning Solutions, Laureate, and Walden University - developed MMSL 6160 - systems thinking and sustainability course for MA in Leadership program (July-August 2009)
  • Lead Faculty for DDBA 8100 (DBA Doctoral Study Mentoring) – supervising an average of 15 faculty
  • Lead Faculty for DDBA 9000 (DBA Doctoral Study Chair) – supervising an average of 10 faculty
  • Lead Faculty for DDBA 8160 (Doctoral Business Strategy) – supervising an average of 12 faculty
  • DDBA Doctoral Study Chair (2010 - Present)
  • University Research Reviewer (URR) (2010 - Present)
  • Doctoral Residency Facilitator (2009 - Present)

Faculty, City University of Seattle, 2012-present

  • Associate Faculty and EdD Dissertation Chair (Organizational Leadership)
  • Mentor and Grader for Business Arts and Management Performance-Based program (PBAM)  

Director of Office of Institutional Research, City University of Seattle, 2007-2012

Doctoral Dissertations and Residencies Director

  • Chair for President’s Committee on Organizational Sustainability
  • Trainer for Organizational Leadership and Change Management

Doctorate in Education in Leadership (EdD) Director for Core Leadership and Organizational Leadership Concentration

  • Oversee implementation of Doctorate in Education in Leadership (EdD) program (nationally and internationally)
  • Co-developer  of first offering of Doctorate in Educational Leadership program (EdD)
  • Curriculum developer and coordinator for 18 credits of core leadership and 30 credits of organizational leadership concentration doctoral courses
  • Developed doctoral orientation
  • Co-developer of Doctoral Dissertation process
  • Led team of 5 full-time staff and 250 part-time faculty to increase graduate programs enrollment from 105 students to 455 students; and enrollment attrition from 47% to 2% in three years

Program Director for Graduate Leadership; Faculty/Program Coordinator for Organizational Behavior/Human Resource Management programs

  • Oversee implementation and continuous improvement of graduate leadership and Human Resource Management programs (nationally and internationally)
  • Chair of University’s Grade Appeal Committee
  • Chair of University’s School Curriculum Committee
  • Co-Chair of University’s Research grants and scholarships committee
  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Committee member
  • Supervise site area manager for Organizational Behavior/HRM programs
  • Supervise Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) professional certification program to prepare students for SPHR and PHR certification
  • Serves on City University governance committees: Internationalization initiatives, IRB, curriculum, grade grievance, MBA, Student Assessment, Online/e-campus, Faculty Development & Standards, Scholarship, Leadership advisory and grant approval committees, policies and standards, President’s Committee on Sustainability.
  • University Research Reviewer (URR)

Mentor for dissertation courses for DBA doctoral learners, Northcentral University, 2009-2011

Franklin Covey certified Train-The-Trainer for Steven Covey’s 7-Habits of Highly Effective Leaders, 2004-present

  • Selected by Franklin Covey staff as one of eighteen trainers for UOPs pilot corporate training program
  • Facilitated UOP courses based on the guidance and instruction provided through Covey staff related to Steven Covey’s 7-Habits program

Campus College Chair (UBAM & GBAM) - Seattle, University of Phoenix, 2004-2007

  • Instruct classes in undergraduate and graduate business
  • Oversee administrative issues for FlexNet modality for graduate and undergraduate business and management instructors (hiring, training, termination, coaching, mentoring, and evaluating)
  • Direct and maintain the development of the Washington Campus Faculty Web site
  • Faculty Recruiter, Trainer, and Developer

Area Chair for UBAM, University of Phoenix, 2001-2004

  • Conducted quarterly Area Chair meetings with the 116 instructors. Training and development of modules and syllabi development for business management courses
  • Trainer of formative assessment techniques
  • Generated innovative ideas to UOPhx curriculum developers and program chairs to continuously improve delivery of educational programs in all modalities (grounded, FlexNet, and Online)

Diversity Program Developer and Trainer, 1998-2009

  • Developed curriculum and program for training based on a K-12 district-wide Diversity Needs Assessment. Co-chaired committee forums to develop the program to encompass diversity training for over 8,500 school administrators, staff, students, and community business members. The first year was dedicated to implementation and the subsequent two years towards training and development. This project culminated in a district/community-wide Diversity Symposium with 3,000 participants

U.S. Navy Submarines - Active Duty (20 years honorable retirement), 1977-1996

  • Interim Executive Officer of Submarine Squadron – held junior officer position as a senior enlisted – special hand-picked position monitoring water management of submarines and the management and leadership of 1,700 union civilian contractors, non-union, and military personnel.
  • Senior Chief Yeoman/Administrative Officer – Submarines
  • Certified TQM train-the-trainer – Total Quality Management and Leadership
  • Senior Diving Officer for Battle Stations operations
  • Senior Contact Coordinator for submarine operations

Awards and Honors

  • 2015 - Walden University Presidential Faculty Excellence Award
  • 2015 - Walden University College of Management and Technology/Doctoral of Business Administration Faculty Excellence Award


Amisano, D. & Anthony, P. (2017). Relationship between ethical leadership and sustainability in    
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Anthony, P. & Weide, J. (2015). Motivation and career-development training programs: Use of  regulatory focus to determine program effectiveness. Higher Learning Research  Communications, 5(2), 24-33.

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Smith, G, Anthony, P., Elliott, T., & Davis, K. (2009). Inclusion implemented strategically: An
inspirational resource for educators, parents, and administrators. ISBN: 978-1-61582-944-6

Anthony, P. (2008). Determining courses of action for leaders of K-12 education to
achieve adequate yearly progress (AYP). Proquest ISBN: 9780549766070

Robbins, G. & Anthony, P. (1981, October). Effect of compensation and benefits
packages on employee motivation. Mid-Western Business Journal.


  • The Institute of Behavioral and Applied Management (IBAM) conference, San Diego, CA – November 2016 (Selected to co-present seminar: Technology Driven Change).
  • Hiring America’s Heroes – Camo2Commerce fellowship academy. Presented three 12-week seminars 2014-2015. Joint Base Lewis McChord, Tacoma, WA.
  • IBAM Leadership Conference, San Diego, CA – Oct 2013 (Selected to co-present paper titled: Embracing Change from a Complex Adaptive Systems Perspective).
  • IBAM Leadership Conference, San Diego, CA – Oct 2013 (Selected to co-present seminar: The Barriers and Benefits of Change: Systems and Technological Paradigms).
  • Strategic and Systematic Leadership. Leadership Eastside, Renton, WA. Seminar – Oct 2012.
  • Leading Change in Diverse Organizational Cultures. Visiting professor to UPAEP, Puebla, Mexico. September 2011.
  • Strategic Planning. Visiting professor to UAPEP, Puebla, Mexico. September 2011.
  • Business Case for Sustainability. Society of Women Engineers, Renton, WA. Seminar – February 2011.
  • Sustainable Leadership. Washington State Radiological Technicians (WSRT) national conference, Everett, WA. Seminar – October 2009.
  • Leading Across Cultures. Seminar to Eastside Business Symposium, Bellevue, WA. Conference. April 2008.
  • Practical Plan for Developing Employees. National Society of Human Resource Managers (SHRM) convention, Bellevue, WA. National Conference. October 2007.

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