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We encourage you to apply for your ITAM major early, even as soon as your freshman year. Once enrolled in your program you will begin working with a knowledgeable ITAM advisor to design your academic course of study at CWU and make sure you are fulfilling all of the requirements for successful degree completion.

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Undergraduate and Postbaccalaureate

Bachelor's of Applied Science (BAS)

This program accepts ANY applied/technical degree and complements the skills learned in the associate degree with the management/soft-skills classes to help you become a leader in your knowledge area. Professional programs like accounting, medical assistance, network security, criminal justice, welding & fabrication (to name a few) will expand their career opportunities by learning how to manage people, projects, and information.


Bachelor's of Science (BS)

If you have an AA-DTA or you're just starting out at CWU as a Freshman, the BS-ITAM degree is a strong choice. This degree prepares students to enter some of today's major employment growth areas. Our curriculum, designed by subject matter experts with guidance from industry professionals, addresses the current demand for tech-savvy individuals who are also able to effectively lead and motivate teams, manage projects, and integrate technological solutions.


FlexIT Performance Based Education

In this program, students who have completed a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) degree can complete their Bachelor of Science in a time frame that accommodates their busy schedules. Rather than building a curriculum that measures mandatory student seat time, our program recognizes what you know and have learned. In FlexIT, you can quickly pass competencies in familiar subjects, then focus on assimilating new fields of knowledge that will help advance your career. Passing a competency at 100% earns you a PACE ranking: Proven Applied Content Expert.

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ITAM Minors make a major difference. Each of our eight minors will complement any major field, helping CWU students stand out from the crowd and be competitive in today's job market. Applied, relevant skill sets develop individuals ready to handle the challenges of modern global industry.



For individuals who do not have the time for a full major program, our certificate options provide a pathway for busy professionals to expand their credentials and advance their career.



Master's of Science (MS-ITAM)

MS-ITAM is a unique degree that bridges the gap between information technology and administrative management. The program focuses on leadership, communications, supervision, budget planning, entrepreneurship, and ethics, as well as applied IT management skills in emerging technologies. This degree is ideal for recent graduates seeking a professional degree before they enter the workforce, professionals who want a graduate degree to advance their career, and people seeking to move into a new professional field.


Graduate Certificates

ITAM graduate certificates are ideal for professionals who don’t have time to complete a full-time graduate program yet desire a targeted set of specialized classes to help them offer additional value on their current job or be competitive in a new career.


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