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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

James Brown, Lecturer

Office: SAM 243H
Phone: 509.963.2619

To my students, I bring the knowledge and skills learned from my studies in Information Technology and Administrating Management; masters programs; eight years of military training and expertise; two decades of tech industry experience and over a decade as a corporate trainer. I am dedicated to advancing my skills and knowledge; I am a lifelong learner.

Beginning with Cobal programming language over two decades ago, technology has always been a passion of mine which was the primary reason I gave up a career as military airframe power plant mechanic to pursuit a career in the technology industry. As a university instructor, I have taught many classes in computer applications, web development, and relational database query languages. 

My industry experience includes a half decade experience in the software development industry; over a decade in the collections industry; over a half a decade as a digital / polycom voip / asterisk phone system technician, relational database expert / guru, database administrator, web developer, data load specialist, web applications developer, credit bureau liaison, third party software integration specialist, data migrations specialist, onsite business consultant, predictive dialer subject matter expert; corporate trainer; instructional designer;  software support technician, software support analyst, and data analyst. I also have a vast expertise with numerous programming scripting languages including DOS batch scripting; SQL scripting, Flash AS3 JavaScript, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, XHTML, C++, Jquery, BootStrap, and PHP.

"The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge."
Seymour Papert

Advice to Students

Enjoy the time you have in college. Get involved in clubs, and truly enjoy the college experience. Start making goals; both short term and long term. If you don’t have goals you can never meet them so start now. Also start making a list of things you wish to accomplish while in college and make goals to complete those lists. Take the time to think about your future career and where you hope to be after college and start planning for it now. Use your summers to travel to places that you have never been and most of all stay on target. There will be times where graduation seems so far away but before you know it, graduation day will be here and then you will then begin the next phase of your life. Most of all, never stop learning. Technology is constantly changing and if you wish to stay competitive in today's workplace you must keep learning. If you don't stay current with the changing times you will be left in the dust by those who are.


  • M.E.T. - Boise State University '09
  • B.S. Admistrative Management - Central Washington University '99


  • IT 101 Computer Applications
  • IT 248 Web Fundamentals
  • IT 258 Spreadsheet Applications
  • IT 260 Integrated IT Applications
  • IT426 Application of Web Languages
  • IT 468 Projects in Database
  • IT469 Enterprise Database Systems

Certifications and Endorsements

  • Microsoft Office 2013 Specialist for Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access
  • Master Online Teacher Certification - Central Washington University
  • Master Online Teaching Certification - Boise State University


  • Brown, J.L. (2014, April). Placing the Wow in your Canvas Courses. Invited Presentation Canvas Users course conference, Tacoma, Washington, United States


  • Online, web-based curriculum development

Prior Work Experience

  • Software Support Analyst / Telephony Digital Phone Technician, Comtronic Systems LLC (collections software development company) 2004 – 2012
  • Software Support Technician / Relational Database Technician Ontario Corporation (collections software development company)

Other Service

  • Active participate in the Multimodal Vanguard Group

Interests & Hobbies

  • Techie & Gamer - BlackOps II U23-R - Say hello to my litlle Friend..
  • Geocacher - Have you hid a cache today?
  • Fly / Salmon Fishing - Nothing better than a good day of fishing
  • Target Shooting - Muzzle Control!!
  • Flying kites - March is my favorite month.
  • Veteran
  • Private Pilot
  • Traveling

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