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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Retail Management and Technology

FlexIT Evolved Education. Competency-based learning in Information Technology and Administrative Management Retail Management and Technology Specialization

One of the most common questions is: what can I do with this degree?

The sophisticated skill sets gained in FlexIT open the door for managerial roles in a variety of businesses and industries. It augments the skills and experience you already posses to make you more promotable in your chosen field.

There are opportunities everywhere, and careers in fields that inspire you:

Small business owners - Do you want to start a business? Do you own a business that needs a push to advance to the next level? In this program, you will gain applied skills layered with soft skills in management will help you run a more successful operation.

National retailers - A quality, applied education can mean the difference between working on the retail floor or occupying a director's office. Major retailers like J.Crew, Nordstrom, and Costco are looking for qualified retail professionals to manage stores or regions, select merchandise, and facilitate change management.

Major athletic teams - Sports merchandise is a huge and growing industry. These organizations need qualified, enthusiastic individuals to act as merchandise buyers, store managers, and regional directors. Some jobs include travel as well as job perks from the team.

Agriculture - Agricultural producers need retail-savvy  brokers to move their products, and some of these jobs are quite exciting. Wine brokers get to travel internationally and domestically, working with large and small wineries and then introducing products to retailers. Other similar occupations exist in hay, livestock, equipment and machinery.

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