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Information Technology and Administrative Management

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FlexIT Pro Performance-Based Graduate Programs

Earn a Master of Science on your schedule with FlexIT Pro

Is it time to move forward in your career? Do you want to expand your professional skill set to stay current with industry needs? Is a graduate degree the next step? 

FlexIT Pro from ITAM will help you. This program complements who you are: your knowledge and your schedule, allowing you to work at a flexible pace. The curriculum is identical to the cohort option (MS-ITAM); what's different is how you move through it.

With performance-based learning, students can progress rapidly through familiar subjects, then focus on new material. Whether you need a part-time or accelerated path through your graduate degree, FlexIT Pro may be a practical and affordable solution.

A Variety of Options

FlexIT Pro allows students to choose between a full Master of Science in Information Technology with a targeted specialization, or one of our targeted graduate certificate programs to expand their professional credentials.

Master of Science Specializations:

Administrative Management Cybersecurity Management
Information Technology Structures of Data Analytics for IT Managers

Graduate Certificate Options:

Cybersecurity Management Information Technology Leadership
Information Technology Management IT Data Management

Select your pace:

FlexIT Pro offers students a choice between working part-time or at an accelerated pace. In both options you will work with content coaches who are subject matter experts, along with a mentor who will help you develope your plan to stay on track and achieve your academic goals.
Part-Time Accelerated

Take anywhere between 4 - 8 credits per term (no more). Perfect for professionals who need to balance work and family with their graduate studies.

Take a minimum of 9 credits per three-month term. The maximum is up to the student - complete as many classes per term as you are able. Ideal for highly motivated self-starters.

FlexIT Pro Part-Time Tuition:

$2,000 per three month term

FlexIT Pro Accelerated Tuition:

$3,500 per three month term





The curriculum for FlexIT Pro is identical to that in our traditional Master of Science program. Students take a common core of classes (26 credits) that covers the skills and knowledge necessary for the modern, global administration, then progress on to their chosen specialization (20 credits).

Explore the complete curriculum

Financial Aid Available

For qualifying students, financial aid is available in the form of loans, grants and scholarships, just like a traditional bachelor's degree program. To learn more, please explore the CWU Financial Aid Office home page here.

To start a conversation about your financial aid options with performance-based learning, please email: .

Questions? Contact us at:
Or Skype us at: askmsitam

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