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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Cybersecurity Specialization

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Administrative Management Cybersecurity

The modern battlefield is digital.

Students will gain knowledge specific to the detection, protection, and recovery from attacks to an organization’s information assets. Gaining skills in the growing employment area of network security combined with the management and soft-skills classes, graduates gain a competitive edge in the IT marketplace. The advanced cybersecurity courses are complemented by a core foundation of relevant and current human-centered skills in:

Soft Skills

Hard Skills

  • project management
  • business communications
  • financial management
  • ethics
  • professional selling
  • customer relationship management
  • database management
  • web development
  • computer networking
  • computer applications

The need for cybersecurity experts spans all organizations including: public utility companies, national security agencies, food and water suppliers, financial services, and companies with intellectual property to protect.

Program Availability

Ellensburg Campus100% OnlineHybrid at CWU Pierce Center



Program Requirements for the 2019-2020 Catalog

Core Curriculum

ADMG201Introduction to Business3
ADMG285Sustainable Decision Making4
ADMG302Financial Analysis5
ADMG371Administrative Management4
ADMG372Leadership and Supervision4
ADMG374Project Management5
ADMG385Business Communication and Report Writing4
IT165Seeing Through the Data4
IT202Change Ready: Tech Skills for Leaders4
IT238Introduction to Cyberwarfare4
IT248Web Fundamentals4
IT260Integrated IT Applications4
IT301IT Security, Privacy and Ethics4
IT468Projects in Database4
RMT340Principles of Selling4
RMT366Customer Relationship Management4
RMT379IT Management Career Planning1
IT490Cooperative Education (Internship)8-12

 Core Credits: 74-78


Specialization Courses:

IT336Digital Forensics4
IT438IT Risk Management4
IT482Cybersecurity Capstone4

Specialization Credits: 20

Total Program Credits: 94-98

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