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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

CWU and ITAM Join CyberWatch West!


CWU and the ITAM Department are pleased to announce that they are now members of CyberWatch West!

What is CyberWatch West (CWW)?

CyberWatch West is the first center in the Western United States dedicated to Cybersecurity. Striving to increase the quantity and quality of the national Cybersecurity workforce, CWW works to improve existing resources and build upon them to develop effective training and teaching modules. They have a strong focus on student development, professional development and curriculum.

Recognizing the ever-growing need for quality academic programs in the field of Cybersecurity, a dedicated group of ITAM faculty and staff assisted in building this partnership.

What does this mean for ITAM students?

This partnership provides access to extensive curriculum resources that will enhance programs, guest speakers, workshops, and an ever-growing network of industry contacts in this field.

Want to get involved? Here's how:

Explore the CWW website at:

Participate in one of the three college-level competitions offered by CWW.

Talk to ITAM professor, Gary Rogers, to learn more about this area of study.

Know that you want to do this as a career? Sign up for a minor in Cybersecurity through the ITAM department. You can find more information about this high-demand program here including curriculum and how to apply.


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