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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

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The ITAM Department is dedicated to strong advising and mentoring. To assist the student in their program of study, the department’s syllabi are listed below. Please note that these may be revised at any time as ITAM makes adjustments in the curriculum based on industry needs.

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Administrative Management

ADMG 184 Idea Machines
ADMG 201 Introduction to Business

ADMG 271 Business Math Applications
ADMG 285 Sustainable Decision Making

ADMG 302 Financial Analysis for Admin and IT Support
ADMG 371 Administrative Management
ADMG 372 Leadership and Supervision
ADMG 373 Training and Development for Administrative and IT Support
ADMG 374 Project Management
ADMG 385 Business Communication and Report Writing 
ADMG 410 Comparative Global Studies in ITAM I
ADMG 412 Comparative Global Studies in ITAM II
ADMG 424 Administrative Management Policy
ADMG 471 Leading Change
ADMG 474 Executing Project Management I
ADMG 475 Executing Project Management II
ADMG 476 Managing Project Uncertainty
ADMG 477 Project Performance Reporting
ADMG 479 Project Management Maturity
ADMG 490 Cooperative Education (Internship)

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Information Technology 

IT 101 Computer Applications
IT 105 Protecting Your Online Identity

IT 111 Your Digital Footprint and the Web
IT 165 Seeing Through the Data
IT 184 Wired Cats
IT 202 Change Ready: Technology Skills for Civic and Community Leaders
IT 228 New Innovations in Information Technology
IT 238 Introduction to Cyberwarfare
IT 248 Web Fundamentals
IT 258 Spreadsheet Applications
IT 260 Integrated IT Applications
IT 288 Business Presentation Applications
IT 301 Information Technology Security, Privacy, and Ethics 
IT 312 Advanced Application of Web Tools

IT 322 Innovative Design in Web
IT 336 Digital Forensics
IT 338 Cybercrime
IT 351 Computer Networks
IT 359 Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
IT 362 Wireless Communications

IT 363 Data Mining for IT Managers
IT 365 Data Driven Innovation
IT 370 The Command Line Interface and Cybersecurity
IT 376 Project Management and IT
IT 381 Web Applications for M-Commerce
IT 425 Reporting Data and Analytics
IT 426 Application of Web Languages
IT 436 Cyber Attack/Defense
IT 437 Mobile and Cloud Forensics

IT 438 IT Risk Management
IT 456 Advanced Computer Network Management
IT 459 Workstation Administration
IT 461 Systems Analysis
IT 463 Computer Network Management
IT 466 Open Source Server Management
IT 467 Network Security
IT 468 Projects in Database
IT 469 Enterprise Database Systems SQL
IT 470 Database and the Web Capstone

IT 481 Quality Verification and Validation
IT 482 Cybersecurity Capstone
IT 483 Applied Predictive Analytics for IT Managers
IT 486 Critical Issues in Information Technology
IT 487 Networking Capstone
IT 490 Cooperative Education (Internship)

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Retail Management and Technology  

RMT 184 Retail Technology and Consumer Behavior: Shop till You Drop
RMT 330 Principles of Retailing

RMT 335 Retail Information Technology
RMT 340 Principles of Selling
RMT 345 Sustainable Retailing
RMT 350 Omni Channel Retailing
RMT 366 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
RMT 379 IT Management Career Planning
RMT 467 Retail Management
RMT 485 International Retailing
RMT 490 Cooperative Education (Internship)

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