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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Chuck Wahle, Lecturer

Chuck Wahle
Office: SAM 243D
Phone: 509.963.1475
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Education can serve as a great equalizer, or a keeper of the gate continually working to limit equality. I have been fascinated by the role education plays in a society’s culture since an early age, living in a far-off country rich in heritage, overflowing in culture, but lacking in ways to educate its people.  It turns out that technology, properly and thoughtfully applied, can help education prepare the current and next generation of any society to shape their world. Especially when that technology centers on improving methods of communication.

I have been involved in education for over forty years. During that time, I have worked with students and technology at all levels, from kindergarten to post graduate.  I have consulted and advised groups working on state level initiatives, think tanks exploring applications of new technologies, and foundations seeking to make an impact on the ways education can be enhanced.

In my role as Lecturer at Central Washington University, I use the technologies of the World Wide Web to show students the power of their education when they use Web technologies to effectively communicate the ideas and concepts they have gained.  The Web is a unique form of communication.  I help my students make the best of it.

"Wait! Is that music I hear? Then we must enjoy the dance."


  • M.A. in Education and Master Teaching - Central Washington University
  • B.A. Ed - Central Washington University


  • IT 322 - Web Site Construction
  • IT 381 - Web Applications for M-Commerce
  • IT 428 - Web Applications


  • Applications of ActionScript 3.0 programming
  • Curriculum development and the use and application of multimedia in education


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