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Specialize in Network Administration and Management

top ranked school in 2021 buy for network administration specializationThis specialization is currently not being offered. Please check with an advisor on recommendations for similar specializations or when it will be offered again. Please call 509.963.2611 for more information. Graduates secure positions as network administrators, network analysts, network managers, data communication analysts, network operations analysts, network specialists, network technicians, computer support specialists, network engineers, and user support specialists. CWU ITAM students can also receive a significant discount on vouchers for taking their CompTIA certification exams.

Students in this specialization design, construct and manage the network infrastructure vital to modern business operations. They can make appropriate recommendations for hardware and software, communicate technical information clearly to a variety of audiences, effectively lead teams, and stay current with emerging trends in a rapidly advancing technological environment.

National median wage for Network and Computer Systems Administrators
* Last updated May 2020
National median wage for Computer and Information Systems Managers
* Last updated May 2020
National median wage for Computer Network Architects
* Last updated in May 2020

For additional employment information, please visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The information above was also sourced from the BLS.

Bachelor's of Science in ITAM Specializing in Network Administration Management

The BS-ITAM degree is great for students who have completed a DTA degree and are transferring to CWU or who have completed their general education courses at CWU.

Program Availability

2021-2022 Catalog Requirements:

CWU general education and degree requirements must be satisfied.

BS-ITAM Core Classes
ADMG 201 Introduction to Business 3
ADMG 285 Sustainable Decision Making 5
ADMG 302 Financial Analysis 5
ADMG 371 Administrative Management 4
ADMG 372 Leadership and Supervision 4
ADMG 374

Project Management

ADMG 385 Business Communication and Report Writing 4
IT 165 Seeing Through the Data 4


Change Ready: Tech Skills for Leaders 4
IT 238

Introduction to Cyberwarfare

IT 248 Digital Systems Fundamentals 4
IT 260 Integrated Computer Applications 4
IT 301 IT Security, Privacy and Ethics 4
IT 468 Projects In Database 4
RMT 340 Influencing Customer Decisions 4
RMT 366 Customer Relationship Management 4
RMT 379

IT Management Career Planning

IT 490

Cooperative Education (Internship)


Total Core Credits:

Plus the Following Network Administration & Management Specialization Classes
IT 359

Computer Networks



Wireless Communication

IT 456

Advanced Networking

IT 459

Workstation Administration

IT 463

Computer Network Management

IT 466

Open Source Server Management

IT 467

Network Security

IT 487

Network Capstone

Total Specialization Credits: 32

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