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Information Technology and Administrative Management

College of Education and Professional Studies

Project Management

BAS Project Management Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) at CWU

Meeting growing industry need for skilled employees capable of leading projects, the newest specialization from ITAM provides graduates with an in-depth understanding of the skills and techniques of effective project management. These skills have universal application, spanning every organization from construction firms to non-profits to tech start-ups. Courses cover managing projects through all stages of the PM lifecycle, overseeing budgets, schedules and resources; managing project risk, and reporting project performance.

The advanced project management courses frame a core foundation of both relevant human-centered soft skills and technical know-how:

Soft Skills:Hard Skills:
  • business communications
  • financial management
  • ethics
  • professional selling
  • customer relationship management
  • database management
  • web development
  • computer networking
  • computer applications
  • advanced spreadsheet skills


Program Availability
Ellensburg Campus100% Online


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