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Specialize in Project Management

awarded top 25 bachelor's degrees in project managementMeeting the growing industry need for skilled employees capable of leading projects, the newest specialization from ITAM provides graduates with an in-depth understanding of the skills and techniques of effective project management. These skills have universal application, spanning every organization from construction firms to non-profits to tech start-ups. For students wishing to earn a double specialization, Project Management will complement any option, particularly Web and Database Administration and Management, Cybersecurity, and Network Administration. The need for graduates with these skills crosses all types of business including agriculture, construction, finance, retail, government, manufacturing, and not-for-profits.

National mean hourly wage for Project Managers/Business Operations Specialists
* Last updated May 2020
National mean hourly wage for Project Managers in the Computer/IT industry
* Last updated May 2020
Washington State
is the 3rd largest employer of Project Management Specialists at an annual salary of $42.52
* Last updated May 2020

For more employment information, visit the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Want to get a head start on your degree?

While we no longer require the General Education classes to be completed before being admitted to our program, it can help fast-track your progress if you take them at the community college level or through the Transfer Equivalency Guide prior to beginning your coursework at CWU. Our advisors recommend trying to take English 101 at your transfer or community college.

To learn more about transfer course equivalencies for Washington state community colleges, use the transfer equivalency guide.

Bachelor's of Applied Science in ITAM Specializing in Project Management

The BAS-ITAM degree is great for students who have a non-transferable or technical degree and are transferring to CWU.

Central Washington University and Renton Technical College (RTC) have created a new program to help people in the occupational trades earn a college degree, by counting work and apprenticeship experience toward degree completion. Eligible RTC carpentry apprenticeship students can take advantage of earning credits that count toward a BAS-ITAM degree at CWU. Contact for more information about this exciting partnership.

Program Availability

2020-2021 Catalog Requirements:

An applied/technical associate degree makes you eligible for the BAS ITAM major, but it does not transfer to satisfy CWU's general education requirements. Additional general education courses may need to be completed in addition to the major courses at CWU.

BAS-ITAM Core Requirements
ADMG 201

Introduction to Business

ADMG 285

Sustainable Decision Making

ADMG 302

Financial Analysis

ADMG 371

Administrative Management

ADMG 372

Leadership and Supervision

ADMG 374

Project Management

ADMG 385

Business Communication & Report Writing

RMT 340 Influencing Customer Decisions 4
RMT 366

Customer Relationship Management

RMT 379

IT Management Career Planning

ADMG 490

Cooperative Education (Internship)

Total Core Credits: 47-49
Plus the Following Project Management Specialization Classes
ADMG 474

Executing Project Management I

ADMG 475

Executing Project Management II

ADMG 476

Managing Project Uncertainty

ADMG 477

Project Performance Reporting

ADMG 479

Project Management Maturity

Total Specialization Credits: 20

Additional Program Requirements

This major requires significant study in the upper-division level. This includes the completion of the CWU General Education requirements. One class in each Knowledge Area and at least three courses in a single Pathway is required. An equivalent class from a community college may be accepted.

CWU General Education Framework:

First Year Experience


Academic Writing l: Critical Reading & Responding


Quantitative Reasoning


Knowledge Areas:

Academic Writing ll: Reasoning & Research


Community, Culture, & Citizenship


Creative Expression


Global Dynamics




Individual & Society


Physical & Natural World


Science & Technology


Culminating Experience (possibly included in your major)


Total General Education Credits:


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