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Welcome to the ITAM Advising Center

Advising and student success are important components of ITAM programs. They go hand-in-hand.

Your involvement is important to the advising process.

Take the time early in your program to review your program of study, advising sheet, and yearly course offering guide. Each student also has the Academic Requirements Report available through MyCWU to assist you in your advising and plan for your program of study. Please remember, each time you meet with or correspond by phone/SKYPE, have the most recent copy of your report available and advising sheet handy.

For those of you in the BAS program, advising takes place early in your program of study, often with pre-advising at your two-year institution.

    Need help finding your advisor?

    You can see the name(s) of your advisor by logging into and then clicking on the Student Center Link. Your advisor(s) are listed in the bottom right corner. If you are completing a double major or minor you may have more than one advisor listed. ITAM Online students will also be assigned a Major Support Advisor.

    Once you know your advisor, visit the ITAM Faculty Directory to get their contact information.

    If you have not declared your major with ITAM yet, please contact for advising help.

    Graduation Requirements

    The following requirements apply to students seeking the ITAM degree:

    • Students must earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.3 in the ITAM coursework to be eligible for the degree.
    • Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in each course.
    • Students must earn a total of at least 180 credits, at least 60 of these credits must be upper-division (300 or 400 level).
    • Additional classes outside of the major may be required to complete CWU's general education and graduation requirements. Please work with an advisor if you have an associate degree and are not sure how it will transfer.

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