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Central Washington University
Office of International Studies and Programs
Hebeler Hall 102
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7408

Before You Leave Japan (AUAP)

Dental Work:

Be sure to visit a dentist to have your teeth examined before leaving Japan and have all necessary dental work done. Dental care in the US is very expensive and is not covered by your insurance policy.

Canadian Visa:

If you are from a country other than Japan, you need to get a Canadian visa at the Canadian embassy BEFORE LEAVING YOUR COUNTRY or you will not be able to travel to Canada. If you are a Japanese citizen, you can travel to Canada with your passport, US visa and your I-20 form.

Money Matters:

Be sure to get a VISA or Mastercard bank card before coming to the US. You can make major purchases with this card and also pay for your travel expenses during vacation. Money you bring with you should be in the form of traveler's checks. You should never carry large amounts of cash with you or keep cash in your residence hall room. You can easily open a bank account at an Ellensburg bank and you will be issued a cash withdrawal card. You can then withdraw cash from bank machines on campus and in downtown Ellensburg as well as anywhere in the state of Washington.

If your parents need to send you money during the program, the two safest ways are international money orders or by international wire transfers. International money orders may be purchased at any Japanese post office and a check will be issued and mailed to you in American dollars. To wire money to your savings account in Ellensburg your parents need to know:

  • Your savings account number (which you will know after you open an account in Ellensburg)
  • The Ellensburg bank ABA number; the two most commonly used banks are US Bank (ABA# 125 000 105) and First Interstate Bank (ABA# 125 000 286)
  • The branch of the bank (Ellensburg Branch)

Shipping Boxes:

If you would like to send a box(es) of personal items to CWU prior to your departure from Japan, you can use the following address for this purpose.

Attn: (Your name here!)
400 E. University Way
Ellensburg, WA 98926-7500


Please do not give this address to family or friends for them to send you mail. This address is for shipping boxes PRIOR TO ARRIVAL ONLY and is not to be used for personal mail. Once you arrive to CWU, you will be given an address for family and friends to send you mail. If you receive your CWU residence hall (dorm) assignment before leaving Japan, then your address for receiving mail will be the following:

Your name
Room number and residence hall name
Street address of residence hall
Ellensburg, WA 98926


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