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Policy: Placement (AUAP)

Section Placement

Students are placed into different class sections by their composite scores. A composite score is made by combining a student's written placement test score and the oral placement test score. The composite score is a good way to place students into class sections because it shows their general English proficiency without focusing on any single skill area. For example, some students can read and write well, but they may have more difficulty speaking or understanding spoken English. Other students may be better at listening and speaking, but they may have more difficulty reading or writing. The composite score reflects overall proficiency and allows students to be placed with other students with the same general range of proficiency.

Although students in each class section will have similar proficiency levels, students should expect to be with other students who may seem to have higher or lower reading, writing, listening or speaking skills. Students should not worry that they are in the wrong class if it seems that their classmates have higher or lower skills than they do. Each class section will have students whose skills may seem higher or lower for that class. This is a normal part of learning with other students in a classroom.

Procedures for Review of Section Placement

Usually, students will not change sections after they are placed. If students feel a need to change sections because their class seems much too difficult or much too easy, they should follow the steps listed below:

  • The student should talk with his or her RWLS instructor and explain why he or she would like to change sections.
  • The student should talk with the Curriculum Coordinator who will help him or her complete the AUAP Review of Section Placement in the Student Handbook.
  • Once the form is completed and returned to the Curriculum Coordinator, the instructors will meet to discuss the student's class performance and whether the student should take additional tests to help determine his or her proficiency level.

The RWLS instructor and the Curriculum Coordinator will meet with the student to discuss the decision based on class performance and additional proficiency tests.

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