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Central Washington University
Office of International Studies and Programs
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International Studies and Programs Advisory Committee Grants

Important Note: Application deadlines: Deadlines occur early in October, February and May. Contact Cheri Lince, OISP Administrative Assistant (509) 963-3616 for specific deadline dates.

The development and implementation of a comprehensive plan and concomitant program for the growth of international education on the Central Washington University campus and in the community is the primary mission of the Office of International Studies & Programs. This mission includes providing support for faculty and staff travel, projects, and research aimed at infusing or adding international multi-cultural perspectives and increasing campus diversity.

Any CWU faculty member who is employed on a full-time contract may apply for financial assistance.

Areas of Support:
There are three areas which this grant program will support:

  1. Projects which will further CWU goals of internationalizing the curriculum; (Provide specific examples of new CWU causes/programs, infusion of significant international content into existing CWU causes/programs, creation of study abroad opportunities for CWU students linked to new or existing curriculum, etc.);
  2. Projects which will strengthen area studies education;
  3. Projects which support faculty, administration, or staff development related to international education.

Limitations of Support:
In general, support from the ISPAC/OISP is limited to $1000. Travel requests will only support those who participate in meetings, such as presenters, chairpersons and/or panel members. Approved project expenditures will be handled through the Office of International Studies & Programs. All CWU policies and procedures regarding international travel must be adhered to in order for grant funds to be paid. There will be no post-event funding. Faculty are encouraged to anticipate funding needs for summer. If an applicant is unable to use the award for any reason the money automatically reverts back to the ISPAC grant fund.

Review and Evaluation of Application:

Proposals will be judged using the following criteria:

  1. how projects will contribute in a substantive and cost-effective way to the areas of support listed above;
  2. evidence of the applicant's commitment to International Programs; and
  3. the applicant's professional qualifications and experience.

It is the intent of the ISPAC to disburse the awards between as many disciplines as possible. All things being equal, applicants who have received a grant within the last two years will receive lower priority. There will be no funding for repeat or similar presentations. Recommendations on proposals are made by a vote of the ISPAC. The Committee may decide:

  1. Not to fund;
  2. Request further information or clarification;
  3. Partially fund;
  4. Fund contingent on availability of money; or
  5. Fund in full.

All discussion of the application by the ISPAC are confidential. The text of funded proposals will be made available to the public through the Office of International Studies & Programs. Following the Committee's review and recommendations to the Director of OISP, the applicant will be notified of the final disposition of his/her application. Copies of the deposition report will be sent to the applicant's Department Chair and School/College Dean.

Reports: An awardee must submit a final written report to the ISPAC within three months after completion of the funded project which describes any achievements, etc., which may have occurred as a result of the grant. Failure to do so will preclude consideration for future grant applications. As a courtesy, all awardees should indicate in any project funded by the grant that partial funding was provided by the Office of International Studies & Programs, Central Washington University.

Deadlines: Applications may be submitted for any of three deadlines in October, February, and May (Contact Cheri Lince, OISP Administrative Assistant for Exact Deadline Dates). ISPAC will review proposals and notification of applicants will generally occur within one month following each announced deadline date. Proposals received after an announced deadline will not receive consideration, however, applications may be resubmitted for a later award review.

A complete application will include:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Description
  3. Proposed budget
  4. Current curriculum vitae or resume

Online ISPAC Grant Application Form

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