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AUAP-CWU Placement Information for New Students


All new students are evaluated and placed in the section that best matches their English language skill set. AUAP instructors, director and coordinators work very closely and thoroughly using a variety of evaluations and data including: oral interview, writing sample, TOEIC score, CELE instructor comments and recommendations, as well as observations of student participation, energy and abilities during the Intensive Functions week before regular AUAP classes begin.

Oral Interview:

A few days after arrival each student will meet one-on-one with an AUAP instructor for a short (15-minute) interview. The session includes a variety of questions students are expected to answer based on materials provided by the instructor. The purpose of the interview is for instructors to measure student speaking and listening skills in order to place students in the best section that matches their skills.
Students can best prepare by relaxing, having good energy and relying on their previous English language studies, skills, and confidence.
The test focuses on: correct use of tenses, subject-verb agreement, creative storytelling, ability to ask and answer questions, and pronunciation.

Written Sample:

A few days after arrival students will meet in a classroom and respond in writing to one of three questions on a paper. Instructors will explain the activity and provide students with the paper, pencils and monitoring. Dictionaries may be used to assist the writing, but not online translating services. The purpose of the test is to evaluate student writing skills in order to place them in the best section that matches their abilities.
Students can best prepare by being rested and ready to write for 40 minutes. As in all CWU AUAP work, reading and following directions is key. This sample requires no special study, just thinking and writing effort.
This test focuses on: proper paragraph style, organization of ideas, using complete sentences, critical thinking, correct grammar, elaboration and details, and appropriate vocabulary.

Participation in Intensive Functions classes:

The purpose of Intensive Functions (IF) classes is to welcome students into the AUAP community and style of education in the U.S. IF lasts for about one week. Students get to know instructors, work with classroom volunteers, complete interactive homework with CWU students, and even have opportunities to do combined classes with regular CWU classes/students. During this time, instructors closely watch each student and take note of their skills, energy and active participation effort. The main goal is for students to quickly and effectively learn how to begin communicating with Americans as well as their classmates, and prepare themselves for success in the CWU-AUAP class style.
IF classes cover the following topics: Academic Preparation, Greetings & Farewells, Classroom English & Participation, Introductions & Invitations, Food, Money, Study Skills & Time Management, Discover Ellensburg, IF review and at the end, meet and join their regular AUAP class section.
Students can best prepare by being rested and ready for every class, participate actively in all classes by volunteering and/or asking questions, taking notes, speaking only English with classmates and CWU volunteers, sharing opinions, and doing all of their homework.
Be positive and don't be shy!

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