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Office of International Studies and Programs
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Academics (AUAP)

AUAP students standing in front of Native American mural

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Functions of English

Integrated English Skills

American Studies

International Communication

Global Issues





AUAP student giving thumbs up Functions of English

Students learn communication skills that can be used in a variety of social, survival, and intercultural settings. Students learn practical English language patterns and vocabulary to communicate with confidence in a comprehensible and socially appropriate manner. Topics may include: shopping and restaurants, American small talk, negotiation and compromise, problem-solving while traveling, and so on. CWU students visit Functions classes to participate in group speaking activities with AUAP students.

AUAP student learning english skillsIntegrated English Skills (IES)

Students study a variety of topics through activities and assignments to promote effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. The AUAP Project, a research paper based on interviews with Americans, is a major class assignment. Students also assemble a portfolio of writing during AUAP. English-language movies and songs may be played in class to improve listening and discussion skills. In addition, there are two special events that take place in the IES class:"Outreach," a chance AUAP students ahve to shadow a CWU student to their classes and experience regular American college classes.

AUAP students standing front of Native American muralAmerican Studies

Students study the major cultural political, and social trends in the United States that have developed throughout its history. Students are given an overview of American history and learn how historical events are reflected in the current cultural values, cosial views, economic aspirations, and political makeup of the United States.





AUAP students studying a pictureInternational Communication (IC)

Designed for International Relations majors, the class covers the inherent diversity within our global environment, includeing the similarities and differences in cultural values and national demographics. Students also study how the people of diverse nations and cultures interact with each other, including their cooperation, competition and conflict. Concepts such as ecological footprints, renewable resources, and other issues related to future ecological sustainability are also central to this course.

AUAP studentsGlobal Issues (GI)

The Global Issues class, designed for Law, Economic, and Business students, examines current international issues. The class covers core topics such as world geography, globalization, war and peacekeeping, and international organization, while offering opportunities for students to customize their learning to address specific global topics applicable to their major. In the class, students will give a presentation on an international topic related to their field of study.

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