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Office of International Studies and Programs

Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

Reason #1

You’ll be introduced to new cultures, customs, and perspectives.

Reason #2

Study abroad allows you to explore the world from a week to a full year – all while earning credits toward your degree.

Reason #3

Living abroad gives you the opportunity to make lifelong friends with people from around the world.

Reason #4

Studying abroad is affordable. Many programs cost the same as attending CWU (some are even less). You can also use your financial aid to study abroad and scholarships are available.

Reason #5

Living abroad can help you become more independent and confident. It often sparks new interests and provides a better sense of direction for your future.

Reason #6

The skills you acquire from studying abroad, such as problem solving and adapting to new situations, will help set you apart from your competition when applying for jobs and graduate school.

Reason #7

You can gain real-world work experience by participating in internships and service programs around the world.

Reason #8

Studying abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity to improve your fluency in another language.

Reason #9

An experience abroad will help you discover what makes life here in the United States unique. You’ll also gain an insight on how people from around the world view our country.

Reason #10

You’ll join an elite group of U.S. citizens that have studied abroad.