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Interdisciplinary Studies Social Sciences
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IDS 405 - Essentials of Project Funding in the Social Sciences

Instructor: Nicole Dunn                                              Email:

Each year, public and private foundations award BILLIONS of DOLLARS in grants, sums of money that are intended to fund ideas and projects. This course focuses on the basics of grant funding. Throughout the term, we will explore funding ideas and sources and organize and submit a preliminary grant application. Learning the language of grant writing can be a lucrative endeavor, so give it a try.

Catalog Description:
Students enrolled in this course will be introduced to the essentials of project funding specific to social science disciplines. Course topics include defining the purpose and identifying the need for funding, completing a needs assessment, and identifying funding resources. Students will be required to submit a funding proposal.

Course Objectives:

Define a problem or identify an opportunity for funding.

Choose, assess and prioritize funding options.

Prepare a viable funding proposal solution, including goals, objectives, outcomes and evaluation techniques.

Propose a final and complete funding plan.

Prerequisites: senior status and B or higher in ENG 102.

Credits: (5)

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